I will link the latest youtube videos to the popular Korean TV-show, ‘We Got Married’. It’s essentially a semi-reality show where Korean celebrities pretend to live together as husband and wife – but through the show viewers can observe that real feelings surface and the newly-weds develop deeper feelings for each other. 🙂

I started this blog late, but the latest episode is the best one so far (three couples going for their wedding shoot on their 100th day wedding anniversary), and I’ve linked the shoots below, all credits going to roseltv and the Korean Subtd Team:

Part 5-9: Crown J/Seo In Young, Andy/Solbi, Alex Shin Ae

Personally my favorite couple is probably Andy and Solbi – they are the cutesy type of couple who are also more realistic in their fighting and small differences in personality. But yeah Alex/Shinae is also fantastic and I think the most unlikely couple – Crown J/Seo In Young – will actually turn out to be the first to date in real life. 😉
The one that’s more celeb and fan-based is the Hyun Joong/Hwang Bo couple but since I’m not a fan of either I’m not very piqued at their developments.

What do ya think?

p.s. I will add more goodies on the couples later (in my obsessed state at other ppl’s relationships… lol)