Hey all! I’ve linked the youtube links and the rough chinese subs below for Andy/Solbi’s parts in the Korean TV-Show ‘Sixth Sense’. I’ve done a rough translation from the Chinese subs on the vids (credit to s12yovup) It’s great to see them having chemistry before they even started ‘We Got Married’!!! 🙂 The text in the boxes are the translations of text on screen.

080309-六感對決(chi sub)-1/7

[After Introduction]

Host: Solbi, what do you think of Andy?

Solbi: Andy ssi, you finally came to this program!

[Elegantly] Anneosayeo! [Solbi changed 180 degrees]

Host: The two of you sitting together looks very compatible.

[Andy reaction – surprised, Solbi reaction – Proud]

Solbi: Really?

Other Guest: But Andy said this to me in the dressing room – [Nervous Andy]

“Sunbae, I really don’t know how to treat/face her.”

[In reality, Andy doesn’t know how to respond to Solbi]

Solbi: Really?

[Andy – Completely flustered]

[Solbi – Completely hurt]

*——* skip to start of games

[Andy Solbi Choosing Attack Question]

Solbi: Oppa, which question should we choose?

Host: *repeats what solbi just said*

[Intimate, intimate]

Andy: Is there one you would like to choose?

Solbi: Oppa can choose.

Other Female Guest: Today should we’ll all use ‘Oppa’ to greet eachother?

Host: No, it’s all right.

Solbi: (to Female Guest) Isn’t KCM is younger than you?

Older Female Guest: If everyone greeted eachother Oppa, then what will we be? (lol…)

Solbi: Oppa can choose.

… more to be added later…

*——* skip to start of games (5:05)

Solbi: Kim Gyu Ra ssi, have you read any books by Kong Zi?

Kim Gyu Ra: Kong Zi is one of four most renowned people in the world. [Applause, Pretend to Know-It-All]

They are Jesus, …

Solbi: Okay, Okay, understood. [Solbi doesn’t want to listen to the Know-It-All Kim Gyu Ra]

Andy: I want to continue listening to him. Maybe he doesn’t know the answer, just have a listen and see.

Solbi: [obedient] Okay, let’s listen. [Solbi acts like an innocent little lamb infront of Andy]

*——* skip to (6:30)

Solbi: Who do you think it is?

Andy: [whispers, whispers]

Solbi: What did you say, could you please repeat that? (devious Solbi… lol)

[*Embarrassed* I’m a girl too]

Andy: [whispers]

Host: Who did he say?

Solbi: Why?

[Iron Wall – Andy Solbi]