Productivity today, yay! I’ve added more translation to that beside the following vid, an earlier interview by Section TV on the set recording of ‘We Got Married’!!! 🙂 Everyone’s so friendly with eachother and the atmosphere is fantastic!

Video credits to juliaKgrl:


[Every week we anticipate painfully the lives of the four lovely newly-wed couples – WE GOT MARRIED!]

[Have you heard of the show yet?]

Shot: Studio Recording of ‘WGM’!!

[The show stars the most likely to aegyeo and cute couple – Andy/Solbi! ]

[Feelings about pretend-marriage?]

Andy: This is a great opportunity to let me experience the reality of married life.

Solbi: The feeling of becoming a bride earlier.

Interviewer: (to both) If you can change your wife/husband?

Solbi: One of the current actors on the show?

Andy: What are you gonna do if it’s not one of the actors on the show? (haha)

Solbi: It’s Eric ssi. [laughs] No it’s not.

Andy: It’s Kim Tae-Hee ssi.

Solbi: Oppa ~

Andy: What’s wrong?

*—-* Interview with Andy/Solbi, Alex/Shin Ae Couple

Interviewer: These are our newly-wed couples. Anneosayeo!

Both couples: (to interviewer) You look very lonely!

Interviewer: It would be nice to have a person beside me :S (awww….)

(to Solbi) You said Andy was your idol when you were young, what are your feelings now?

Solbi: It’s like a dream, being together like this. [Marriage is like a dream come true]

Andy: [Truthfully] I really didn’t know I would be paired with Solbi.

Solbi: It’s as if I am really getting married! (note: the style of the questions and answers is like those asked at weddings, lol)

Interviewer: Looks real, but we are only a TV program.

[Turning to the Alex/Shin Ae Couple:]

Interviewer: Alex is sitting like this. [Style of husband Alex is like a prince]

[Alex nudges Shin Ae]

Omo, so makes physical contact like that.

Solbi: Alex often nudges people like that.

[Alex pushes Solbi]

(to Andy) Oppa, watch and learn!

*—-* Cut in interview

[Points to Solbi – feeling unbalanced/unequal] [Alex very proud of Wife Shin Ae]

[Flashback of Solbi without makeup] Andy husband is proud. Wife felt ify.

Alex: I have thought of this kind of happy married life.

Solbi: Our imagined life, becoming real husband and wife would be nice. Hope everyone will watch us.

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