***UPDATED: PART 1 COMPLETE!!! (also added more conversation translation – now more accurate)****


Credit to: automonmon

After the wedding shoot, Solbi is currently dieting…

A: Drink some water

S: I can’t drink water anymore [due to dieting]

S: Oppa, am I prettier than before?

[Andy’s expression: ‘what?’]

S in Studio: How come your expression is like that?

A: You look the same…[Bluntly]

S: I really became prettier! Have a look… at my leg. (note: looooooool :P)

[Solbi wants to gain approval from Andy.. But Andy doesn’t say anything…]

S: If only Oppa says I’m pretty then I would have motivation to continue dieting!

[Solbi mentions the Wedding Photos – Immediate Reaction from Andy, Standing Up To Look at the photos]

S: We have to pick one to be framed.
S: This one is really pretty…[one where Andy/Solbi faces eachother making the promise]

S: This one needs to be cut… [Solbi’s leg seems cut off/weird]

[Shown on TV the photo where both have a leg up]

S in studio: [flustered] This is too much….


Solbi Opens the Mission Envelope:

FOR THE WIFE TO BE HELPFUL/CONSIDERATE TO THE THE HUSBAND  (note: the word for ‘wife’ is pretty traditional and means a capable and caring wife/the other half.)

Solbi: Oh just like that… I need to do housework and also earn money everyday!

Andy: If you’re like that I cooked for you!

S: Everyday I … what… that…

A: What?

[Want to say what she did but there’s nothing to say]

A: You’ve only done ramen!

Solbi: Didn’t we have soju as well?

I will do it very well today.. [Solbi wants to provide excellent relaxation today] There’s housework to be done and also some cooking as well. Really, you can’t say anything and have to listen to me today though!

A: What do you want me to do, really?

[In the black room interview, Solbi mentions she will doing something great to make up for her mistake before (of losing the ring), so he will be surprised and speechless]

Andy in Studio: [Laughs] Okay then.

[But Andy doesn’t have confidence in Solbi’s ‘Helpful Wife’ Skills]

Solbi: I can play pocket-ball well, cooking… I also want to do a good job at cooking.

Oppa come here, I’ll do massage for you.

A: Really?

S: Yep. Wah it’s the first time you seem so comfortable – you’re speechless! Oppa, lie down here.

Isn’t massage good for hair loss?

[Embarrassed Andy]

S: Did you sleep last night?

Studio: First time seeing Park Myung Soo ssi look on with so much interest [regarding hair loss treatment]

A: (suspicious) Won’t massage cause more hair loss?

S: Of course not!

A: What to do if I became bald?

S: Even if you become bald I will still be by your side? What does that have to do with anything…

*** Now cleaning off dead skin cells/exfoliation

S: Close your eyes, you can’t look.

A: Why do you need to sqeeze that much out?

S: It’s massage cream…(exfoliating cream)

S in Studio: This is the first time doing that…

[Diligently exfoliating]

S: There are no dead skin cells coming off!

A: It shouldn’t be done like that.

[Solbi exfoliates own hands]

S: My dead cells came out! (hehe)

A: Come sit over here.

Hosts in studio: So the mission became the ‘Helpful Husband’ instead. (lol)

[After exfoliation, Solbi’s numerous dead cells were cleaned off, the result is still learning from Andy oppa, Solbi continues to have doubt over being a ‘Helpful/Caring Wife’)

*** Foot Massage

S: This is the first time I’ve doing this for a man’s foot, this is good for asthma and tracheitis.

S in Studio: Andy’s circulation isn’t very good (note: hm… suspicious… how did Solbi know that?)

[Hardworking Solbi]

[Andy’s expression is…]

Hosts: Andy’s expression is really uncomfortable!

S in Studio: No way, how come oppa was like that?

[Solbi silently walks away]

[Solbi came back with massage foot instructions/diagram]

A: Do you need to do your homework?

[Andy reads without a word]

A: Haha…

[Why is he laughing?]

S: Don’t we press this spot?

[Andy shows Solbi the diagram, the place she’s pressing is completely opposite… :P]

S: Ah, because it’s a different foot!

A: [can’t stop laughing]

S: Ah I’m sweating cold sweat… Really tiring… Can’t breathe properly

A: Even if you can’t breathe properly you have a lot of strength!

S: Oppa don’t talk about this anywhere else! [embarrassed]

A: I won’t~

Wah you’re really energetic!

*** After Massage

Solbi: Ah, so tired…

[Thus Solbi collapses on the floor]

S: Was my massage good?

A: Good job.

Host in studio: In the end, Andy was the one caring for Solbi. (cleaning up after massage)

S: (Your) energy seems to decrease alot, can we make healthy food? What is good for men?

Host in studio: Eel!

Andy: Eel.

S: Where are you going to spend your energy after eating eel, last time you fell on the bed while putting up drapes. Today’s ‘Caring Wife’ healthy food will be having Eel.

A: [worried] Do you know how to cook it?

S: I know..

A: Tell me how do you cook it?

S: That eels needs to be… needs to be soaked in salt water.. and then…

[Eels soaked in salt??]

A: [Laughs] Oh so it’s like that?