Waah I’ve been trying to find subbed cuts for Solbi’s MC Cuts for agggeees, but yes I’ve finally found these subbed by theREALiVIPSUBS!!

I’ve linked some videos with ‘We Got Married’ References to Andy and Alex below, enjoy:

(July 5 2008 ) DaeRi + Solbi + GD + TOP Music Core MC Cuts [Eng Subbed]

Solbi is sad that it’s Andy’s last performance at Music Core (before he heads over to Paris) and Big Bang performs a magic show as well! (at about time 3:03)


(June 28 2008 ) DaeRi + Solbi Music Core MC Cuts [Eng Subbed]

Solbi and Big Bang introduces Alex’s performance and Solbi is asked whether she prefers Andy or Alex – her expression says it all. (time 1:40)

In conclusion,