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Part 1:

Summary: Opening of Show, There is a poll on MBC’s website to vote for the viewers’ favorite couple!

Andy/Solbi – Solbi asks Andy whether she looks prettier after dieting – Answer: You look the same. (lol, poor Solbi) They review the wedding photos and reveal the task today: Solbi needs to do something for Husband Andy. She begins by doing massage on Andy’s shoulder, hands and later head (Andy: will my hair fall out? Solbi: Even if you go bald I’ll be by your side.. awww!!!) Solbi then went on to massage Andy’s foot – even though he looks a bit iffy and weird about it! She tries her best and even brings out pre-printed instructions on how to do a foot-massage properly – except she was massaging the wrong foot lol.

Part 2:

Summary: Andy ends up with cleaning after massage session because Solbi became tired 😛


Crown J/Seo In Young at home also looking at the wedding photos, and Crown J even framed the nicest shots from the shoot (“My Love Is… Seo In Young”). But things don’t stay nice for along (as per usual) and Seo In Young feels sick and Crown J gets jealous when In Young mentions Andy’s excellent husbanding skills (lol don’t know if that’s a word). But In Young calms him down with some threats and aegyo and it’s all good again.

Part 3:


Andy and Solbi heads off to the Wet Market to buy healthy food for Andy and the funniest scene is when Solbi asks Andy to eat live octapus and he refuses – only for the octapus to be eaten by some random ahjussi! 🙂 The ant couple arrives at the hospital to check up on In Young’s health.

Part 8:

Summary: Since the episode is pretty Hwang Bo/Hyung Joon-centric I decided not to post it here. But part 8 has some nice scenes of Shin Ae’s photoshoot with house-wife/husband Alex looking on with loving eyes from the side lines.


Also Some Stunning Al/Shin Wedding Photos:

Quirky Alex/Beautiful Shinae

Kodak Moment: Quirky Alex/Beautiful Shinae (click to enlarge)

and picture perfect!

Heavenly: and picture perfect! (click to enlarge)

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Erm...: Andy's Weird Look During the foot massage - Click to enlarge. (Source: BestShinhwa)

More Wedding Photos! (click to enlarge)

More Wedding Photos! (click to enlarge)

More Wedding Photos! (click to enlarge)

More Wedding Photos! (click to enlarge)