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Added: Andy’s careful preparation of first ring event (now that there’s rumours of a second ring 😉 ) But whatever the case maybe, the gift was symbolic of Andy’s feelings and we’ll anticipate his next ‘event’ for Solbi coming this Sunday (such a long wait!). I’ll be updating this blog regularly throughout the week for more WGM and ANBI news!!!


Careful with that: Shots of Andy's careful planning for first ring event - click to enlarge. (source: Baidu)


They arrived at the wet-markets:

Civilian: Solbi is very pretty ah!!

Solbi: Kamsamnida!!

Civilian: Like an idol/celebrity!!

*** At the market stalls

S: [interested/curious] What is this?


Andy: [Answers] *some kind of fish – sorry am not familiar with all fish names ><;;; *

A: What are we going to buy today:

S: Eel!

*** Walks to another stall

S: Ahjumma, what is this?

Ahjumma: *fish – hong fish*

S: Ah, this is hong fish..

A: Have you ever eaten this before?

S: No I havent… Is it good for men?

Ahjumma: This is food for weight-loss.

S: This is weight-loss food? [To Andy] I should eat this…

Ahjumma: If three people eat it together…

S: Ah… that’s pork and lettuce!

Ahjumma: Kimchi.

S: Ah.. Kimchi, really?

[Similing Andy drags Solbi away]

[Arrives at Eel restaurant]


S: Do you sell any eel?

Ahjumma: Yes, come and have a look.

Andy: How much is it?

Anjumma: *prices*

Andy: *prices*?

S: Let us sort it…

[Aggressive Eels]

S: Looks like a penguin! I need to prepare it.. could you please help me clean it (by peeling off scales, etc.)

[While paying, Solbi secretly asks the Ahjumma how to cook the Eel]

*** Continues wandering around the stall

(NOTE, I WAS GOING TO TRANSLATE THIS BUT THANKS TO SMR005 FROM THE SOOMPI FORUMS, THE LAST BIT HAS ALREADY BEEN TRANSLATED – YAY! SO HERE’S THE LAST SCENE TRANSLATED BY THE FANTASTIC SMR005. Please also note that my previous translations are just a guide – I recommend coolsmurf’s videos on Anbi and WGM cuts for enhanced videostic enjoyment 😛 !!)

S: Oppa i want to eat gaebul

[studio Solbi: gaebul tastes the best]

A: If you want gaebul, than when you go buy sashimi, you ask them nicely “can I have a little gaebul please”  then they’ll give you some as part of their service

S: Oppa can you be so good at housekeeping [finance-wise]? its so annoying!

A: Why?

S: Why are you better than me at everything?

A: It’s just the way it is, since this your first time here where as I’ve already come here before

S: Oppa, do you eat san-nakji [live small octopus]?

A: San-nakji? I do eat it…

S: Lets buy san-nakji

A: Sure sure

S: Wow look at this, look at this! wow is this san-nakji?

A: No this is octopus

Ajumma: It’s octopus, not nakji octopus.

S: Then why does it say it’s san-nakji [live small octopus]? Oh the one behind it is san-nakji
[cap: still a newbie cook]

I want to buy some but how do i prepare these?

S: Oppa can you eat nakji? ’cause i can’t eat nakji

A: So you can’t eat it at all?

S: Are these the ones you wrap around a chopstick and eat it in one go? Then can we have a taste test first?
[cap: worries worried]

But you’re not going to eat it so why?
[cap: taking it out herself]

No you have to try it first
[cap: taking good care of her husband’s health]

[MC: wow you’re grabbing it very well]
Ooh no, its not coming off my fingers

[MC: its too big, too big to eat in one go]
[cap: you gonna feed me THIS?]

A: It’s too big!
S: Oppa everyone eats these things

A: Put it back in im not going to eat it

S: Eat it, if you dont eat it im going to get peeved off

A: I got a phone call, lets hurry up and go now.

S: Oppa come back, oppa come here, oppa oppa!

A: Oppa cant eat that, quickly put it back in

S: Open your mouth really, open it

A: No its alright

S: Oppa its stuck to my hand

[studio Andy: there was this time it got stuck in my throat and I can’t eat it after that]

S: Oppa ouch ouch, its biting me so hurry up

A: Just put it back in

S: Oppa quickly just eat it please?

Random Ahjusshi: Andy-ssi eat it!

[cap: an ajusshi passing by who found Andy stuffy]

S: Ahjusshi this is how I live

[cap: releasing her worries at the ajusshi]

Random Ahjussi: This is a small one, just it all in one go

A: You eat it you eat it

S: Ajusshi you’ve had this before right?

Ajussi: give it to me, give it to me then [ajusshi who couldnt take it any longer]

A: Ajusshi you can eat it

Ajusshi: really?

A: Yes

Ahjussi: give it to me

S: Yes? But its for oppa..

Ahjussi: give it to me~


[studio solbi: and he just went off like that]

Ahjusshi: if you eat this, then tonight you will… (note: what the??? I think this comment is a bit PG-13??)

S: Oppa~~
[the end of boyang-shik shopping after the end of some complications]
Ahjussi: solbi-ssi! fighting!!
S: Fighting! thank you ajusshi! [Andy: come over here]
[now what kind of happenings will await them during the boyang-shik cooking?]