Usually when I think of musicals/opera/the theatre in general I tend to snore and find a nice spot to sleep. But last night I went to the Capitol Theatre in Sydney, Australia and saw one musical I definitely don’t regret seeing: Billy Elliot the Musical! Was I wrong generally about musicals? hm….

In Everything I Do, I’ll Always Be Myself.

– lyrics from Billy Elliot, the Musical.

Having seen the movie (about 3 times from TV replays), I was expecting a torrent of emotional mush (which I generally find distasteful) – but instead found more sarcastic humour and songs that were insightful about the struggles of the miners and the general hardship of life.

The stage design and choreography were stunning and the boy ( Dayton Tavares) who played Billy was extremely talented to maintain a high quality performance that lasted about 3 hours (Excl. Intermission) – wow!

Overall: Inspiring and heart-wrenching musical, and stunning effects and performances. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! (The show runs until November 2008 in Sydney)

I’ve looked about the tube and found some high quality videos of song extracts from the musical:

And Suddenly I’m Flying, Flying Like A Bird

Like Electricity, Electricity Sparks Inside of Me

And I’m Free, I’m Free

– Lyrics from the song “Electricity”, Billy Elliot Musical

Electricty – Special Stage on “So You Think You Can Dance Australia”

Thanks to: roccohot (note: these boys all sing with a Northern-English accent during the play)

Electricty – Official Music Video by Elton John (with amazing chair dance, that was in the show)

Thanks to: tteinchai (more exciting live but still cool on youtube!)

Grandma’s Song – Generally Sombre Song with a Fantastic Twist at the End! (from UK version of musical)

Thanks to: LittlEAciD