Can you believe it? I actually bothered creating an user account just for this new-ish blog! Wow I actually didn’t think I would get anyone reading this blog but I’m getting a healthy no. of visitors daily – hope you’re enjoying what you find here and I’ll strive for more exciting updates!

lond0nface (getting a bit creative with numbers here)

On the youtube account, I’ll be uploading my subbed videos and so on so forth there, to make it easier for everyone šŸ™‚ I’ll be trialing the first video with Andy’s short-ish video cut – since I don’t always have time to do these things, if there are a considerable no. of ppl who actually watch the video then I’ll consider doing it more often.

But yes apparently someone already took the username londonface, so I am now officially

The first translation will be up soon when I work out how to use the video editing software!!! :S