Alex has admitted that his character was made by the production crew. He said “We have a lot of fun moments like Crown J and Seo In Young but those moments were cut as what the production crew want is the romantic couple”.

But he said even though their concept was made, what they show in the show is all natural without any kind of scripts.

“Even though there are many cameras around us we are not bothered and just be normal. I think that is why many people are enjoying the show. If it was 100% scripted, we would have gotten the Daejong Movie Award”.

“Other couples tend to look alike each other and they have the similar tastes. But we are alike in a way that we like to be considerate and careful towards each other”.

We have asked Alex if they were dating for real. He answered with a laugh, “If we are, do you think I would tell you the truth?” “Maybe we (Alex & Shinae) might be the most realistic couple as people’s love are all different”.

Source: Article by No Cut News, 09/07/2008.


Side Rant: So it is indeed true that the PD at WGM is biased! It’s cool to have a general ‘concept’ for each of the couples but wouldn’t it be better to also show more varied aspects of their ‘married life’? I think that would generate more interest for the show than just maintaining one concept for each couple anyways.

Alshin was great before the separation, but now is just a bit… awkward?