(With NEW Future Epi Screencaps Attached Below!!)

The Bluntly Honest An-Seobang often mentions ‘We Got Married’ in his concerts as the show has affected his life. He revealed the funniest aspect of being on the show: [From Japanese Concert]

Andy: Eric asked me before, ‘Ya – Are you really dating Solbi?’
After saying this, he collapsed with laughter, further mystifying the audience.
Andy further said that, “Even my group members can’t figure it out, “We Got Married” is too realistic…”

Andy: To be honest, for the program I can only sleep 4 hours a day.
Even though Andy ssi said this with a smile, the audience’s hearts were still pained.

Andy: Actually for shooting “We Got Married”, I even went to Paris! I even saw all the famous monuments to put in as backgrounds – it looks great! (note: I’m pretty sure he’s ONLY JOKING here, but we can still hope!! >< )

Andy: I’m very glad that I could have fun today with you guys, this kind of song has a very joyful feeling. Does everyone feel happy? *Audience Answers – Yes!!* Yes I feel very fortunate too, everyone should get married soon as well!

Thus we can see that marriage is hardwork, but not without its sweet moments. But to the jealous fans, Andy ended with, ‘But who will I marry? Haha…’


Rant: I think what Alex ssi said before was so true – by being on the show, no couple will leave unaffected by the experience. Here Andy’s feelings have permeated to even his concerts – yay!! Let’s hope that’s indicative of how successful his ‘real’ relationship with ‘wife’ Solbi is progressing!!

Also in Ep 18, many viewers were mystified by the interaction between the two, with Solbi asking ‘Did you sleep last night?’, Andy answering ‘Yes.’ So the above should clear things up and further shows Solbi’s deep concern for Andy off the show’s recording (contrary to saying they leave and have little contact after the show’s recording).

Okay, now for some sneak peak future episode screencaps from Andy & Solbi’s double date to the countryside:

Where's Seo In Young?

Anbi Arm in Arm: But Where's Seo In Young?

Group Shot 1 @ Mountain Vacation

Group Shot 1 @ Mountain Vacation

... After Andy?

Solbi Wading Into The Water: ... After Andy?

Careful, Dear

...Yep!: Careful, Dear

Group Shot 2 @ Mountain Vacation

Group Shot 2 @ Mountain Vacation