Weird Strength Girl Shin Ae: lol. 😛

Shin Ae said with a smile, ‘I also have a lot of awkward moments.’ In reality Alex is not her husband, so if they’re not awkward then it would not be honest. Shin Ae and Alex are still not very close privately, ‘I don’t even know Alex’s phone number so we haven’t contacted each other even once yet.’

Since they only meet for the recording of the Korean variety show “We Got Married”, Shin Ae feels burdened when fans analyse that she is intimate with Alex, especially when elders think they are actually married.

But Shin Ae adds, ‘If I have the opportunity, I would like to go to the theme park with Alex through “We Got Married”‘. She reveals, ‘Even though we’ve been to Nan Mountain to look at flowers, but we haven’t been to the theme park. I would definitely want to visit there.’

Original Article Posted: 2008 July 08 @ 11:33


Side Rant: Once again, contradictory information on whether they’re close or not!! ARGH I’m sticking with the ‘we’re close on and off screen but got cut by the PD’ version of events, but it’s still nice to see Shin Ae taking a bit more initiative about getting to know Alex!