Okay Here’s What Happened in Ep 19!!!

Hyun Joong/Hwang Bo:

Hwang Bo wakes up Hyung Joong!!!… and the rest of SS501 who are less than willing to get out of bed! πŸ˜› However she manages to ‘drag’ them out of bed and also makes a delicous breakfast for everyone despite someone evil bothering her (aka Jung Min) and has fun with some cool tricks hehe. Later on she goes to record a song with Hyung Joong before her return to Korean – and her ‘sexy/husky voice’ makes an appearance!

Seo In Young/Crown J:

Crown J takes the needle (out of love) for In Young!!! Afterwards they go to the markets for some cheering-up shopping therapy lol. Crown J shows his conservative side by being concerned at In Young’s revealing choices of outfits! They have a nice meal at the markets and In Young reflects that Crown J really acted bravely for her.


You have see it to believe it!!! Omona!

Part 1:

Summary: Solbi begins preparing the meal but Andy constantly watches over her progress and she gets annoyed! Andy is ordered to go to sleep while Solbi continues… except he sneaks out to check on her again! (lol) Andy mentions wanting to do something for Solbi after seeing her heart-felt confession after the going to the theme park and guess what… he bought couple rings!!! (WOWOWOWOW) Solbi tucks him into the bed… but what’s happening with the stove that’s still turned on???

Part 2:

Summary: Solbi checks if Andy is sleeping and also prepares……. her own set of couple rings!!!!!! (so now TWO SETS of couple rings)???? The food is done and looks delicious!

Part 3:

Summary: Solbi continues to prepare a special event for Andy and hooks the ring with a string to the light bulb! What will Andy’s reaction be?

Part 4:

Summary: The reveal of Solbi’s couple rings! But Andy’s expression is sour since he couldn’t give his rings to Solbi first. Solbi is still in the dark when she comments on how pretty they rings (and she) looks now that ‘this means you’re my man’. YOWZA!. In the confession Solbi was worried about Andy’s reaction… ironic!
So what to do?

Part 5:

Andy sneakily uses his chopsticks to put his ring in Solbi’s bowl in a very quickly improvised ‘event’. Solbi is happy to bits and even hugs Andy tightly – *fan girl squee*!! The food also turned out to be success – Solbi is definitely improving! Andy said that if the ring on the man’s small pinkie finger fits a woman’s fourth ring finger, then it’s a match made in heaven – which is obviously the case for Solbi and Andy! Andy takes a picture of their perfectly perfect ringed hands and the atmosphere is filled with Anbi Love!

So now the two of them wears two rings each – pretty sure this will inspire a couple ring fever in Korea and with all WGM viewers! *The Perfect Ending*

Consequently there is more talk of the Anbi couple being a real item off the show – with evidence of also both sitting closer to eachother in the studio and Andy giving the thumbs up to Solbi, etc… and so we hope!


The ending of Shinae’s photoshoot and Shinae and the staff enjoy a delicious meal prepared by the diligent and caring husband Alex! The PD this time left more their ‘close’ and ‘fun’ interactions uncut and we get to see the two of them joking more, yay! Later on, Alex brings Shinae to his radio recording studio and introduces her as his ‘beautiful wife’ (how fitting) and it’s Shinae’s turn to look on lovingly while Alex records his radio show.


Screenshots Thanks To Aindy @ the Soompi Forums:

Okay wow that was a long post! From part 4 on the youtube videos credit to ffjrebmaster (very fast uploading indeed)!!! Otherwise the other videos were uploaded by me on the londonface youtube channel.

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Diligently preparing for her couple ring event (click to enlarge)

Solbi In The Dark (get it?..lol I'm lame): Diligently preparing for her couple ring event (click to enlarge)

dot dot dot... (click to enlarge)

Andy's Reaction: dot dot dot... (click to enlarge)

Match made in heaven! (click to enlarge)

The more rings the merrier: Match made in heaven! (click to enlarge)