Rings = Lovers!?

Rings = Lovers!? (click to enlarge)

Translations (Note: This is a rough guide only, please await for coolsmurf’s videos for videostic enjoyment!)


Andy: [worried] Can you do it well?

Credit to: automonmon!


Solbi: Just believe in me~

What’s this?

[Starts eel cuisine, can Solbi produce a delicious meal?]

[Andy lies on the couch] [He can only put his trust in Solbi…]

S: Have you had eel before?

A: En…

S: Other women made it for you!?

A: My mum

S: And..?

A: My grandma.



Do you know how do cook it?

S: Of course!

[Andy is still worried]

Instructions: To cook the eel from the skin side

Solbi in Studio: Yeah you can cook from the eel skin side!

[But she completely cooks it opposite to the instruction!]

[The reality of not knowing cooking]

[Andy also feels unsettled]

[Andy slowly goes nearer, while Solbi diligently cooks]

[Andy is only protecting]

S: Oppa what are you doing?

[Andy scares Solbi!]

S: Ah! I was really scared!

[Andy still cannot trust Solbi]

S: What, are you bored?

[Solbi taking the trouble for this kind of husband]

S: Go, go, go, I’m making it!

[Andy looks left and right]

S: Give me the bean sauce to add in it!

Solbi in Studio: I have confidence in the bean sauce!

[How can Andy distrust his wife like this?]

[Taste Test – Trust me now!]

** Andy sits on the Bed…

A: Who did you learn how to cook the bean sauce soup from?

S: It’s self-learnt!

Studio: Really? S in Studio: En…

[But…] [Unique looking bean sauce soup]

[Andy can’t take it anymore and walks to the kitchen again and sneaks a look]

S: Why don’t you believe in me? Again…

Don’t! Oppa don’t worry, believe in me!

** Solbi Confession

S: I know that Oppa often secret looks on from the side, so I felt a bit hurt inside. He only needs to wait a while but couldn’t endure it. I really wanted to finish cooking independently – if it’s like this, then giving each other negyeo is like a joke. (note: Andy gives Solbi a thumbs up! in the studio when he hears her confession)

[The eel is being cooked]

[Andy walks close again, crossing his arms]

[Watches from afar – stands about 1 metre away from the stove]

S: Oppa! Don’t you believe me? Sit over there, rest a while~

A: I’m really going … to sleep? Don’t call me!

S: I won’t call you!

A: [Stove and so on] You must watch over everything!

Will you do a good job? What if you do it badly?

[Solbi taste-tests, and cougs]

S: What do I do?

A: You saying ‘What do I do’ is the scariest…

S: What, did you hear it?

A: I heart it. (note: ah oh… lol)

[Andy can’t lie down with ease, and walks out again as a result]

S: Oppa…

[Turning around, scared when she saw Andy]

[Solbi taste-tests]

S: [Disappointed] Ah ya!

A: [Laughs and walks away]

[Andy has something in the drawer – What is it?]

** Andy’s Confession

Andy: Because Solbi cried after loosing the ring, she was very hurt and I wanted to do something for her. Compared to just saying, ‘Don’t lose the ring next time.’ it’s more meaningful to do it (note: wearing rings) together, so I bought couple rings.

Solbi in Studio: So it was like this!

[For Solbi, Andy prepared couple rings!!!]

**Solbi brings eye-shade for Andy and pulls up the duvet for him.

S: Like a princess..

A: Like a princess? [worried] Will the food be burnt?

S: [Righteous] I turned off the stove and then came over here!

[But… (camera closes up on…) The stove is still on!]

[Solbi walks back into the kitchen… Andy sleeps]

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