Match Made In Heaven

Andy and Solbi: Match Made In Heaven

Credits to: automonmon

**Andy is asleep…

[Bean Sauce Soup Is Complete!]

[Pear?? Eels cuisine with added pears??]

S in Studio: Andy has asthma.

[Solbi tries to relieve the problem]

MC: [Because of Negyeo] You can’t call your husband to help open it.

You can use a fan at this time.

[Solbi puts raw sugar into the pear… and for helping the throat also adds platicodon grandiflorum (a type of white flower)]

[Puts pear in the pot… Solbi quickly finishes!]

[Applause by audience]

S in Studio: I did my homework…

[The Eel in question is still being treated] [Solbi carefully and secretly checks up on the sleeping Andy… She thinks he is really aleep]

S in Studio: I also prepared couple rings… I really didn’t know! [Andy also prepared couple rings!]

MC: So now there are two sets of couple rings?

**Solbi’s Confession

S: I didn’t take good care of my first ring so I feel very apologetic. I need to generate more trust and so I prepared the couple rings. To be honest, just giving the rings to Andy is a bit awkward, so I thought of an event… before having the eel, I will present the ring when Oppa is in a good mood.

[Have a look at the delicious eel cuisine!]

[Solbi secretly checks on the sleeping husband Andy]

MC: Wah Andy will be so lucky!

Other MC: (to Park Myung Soo ssi) Your wife also knows how to cook like this, right?

Park Myung Soo: …. Yes…

[Solbi attaches the ring to the switch]

S: Oppa, please come out here.

S: My dear…

[Andy puts HIS COUPLE RINGS into his pocket]

[Andy is only worried about the eel]

S: Do we need to turn off the light?

S: [Walks behind husband Andy] Do you want the light to be turned off?

How come you still look so cool even after just waking up?

What’s that under the light?

[Andy looks in the direction of the light…]



[Andy looks in the direction of the light…]

S: Try and pull it


A: …

[Omo, what to do?] [Andy now stuck in a difficult situation]

S: Isn’t it pretty?

Let me put it on for you. [laughs] You’re my man!

Am I pretty?

A: En… en…

S: You don’t feel good?

A: [Ambiguous] No…

S: Show me a happy expression!

A: …

Solbi’s Confession: He didn’t have any reaction, so I thought: Was he still mad about losing the ring from last time, was he angry when he received the ring? What to do…?

Andy’s Confession: When I received the ring… really… helpless.. [Even when he remembers now it’s embarrassing]

I really thought about these ideas alot and so I finally bought the couple rings. I also thought alot about how to present them and felt really depressed..how do I say it?

[When Solbi wasn’t looking, Andy secretly puts the ring down near her bowl]

S in Studio: Ah so it was like this!

[Solbi is in the dark]

MC: What is this? Both didn’t know about eachother?

[Now we see Andy and Solbi are truly a destined couple]

S: I felt very sorry so I’m giving you the couple ring.

A: … [Solbi doesn’t move line of sight] Eat up first

S: Can’t you say something like ‘Thank you’?

A: Thank you.

MC: Look over there, look down!

[Solbi spoon feeds Andy Eel]

S: How does it taste?

[Andy can’t taste anything (note: due to worrying about HIS COUPLE RINGS)]

[Andy looks towards his own couple ring]

S: This is really my first time cooking eel, how is it?

[Will Solbi see the ring?]

S: Is it yummy?

A: En…

S: Great!

MC: See it, see it, see it!

[Solbi still doesn’t notice the ring]

[Andy takes a look]

S: What?

A: [uses chopsticks to indicate ring’s location]

S: Oppa, what’s this? Why?

[Is it really a couple ring?]

[Andy silently raises his ringed right hand]

S: Ah, what is this?!!

This is too funny!!! [Touched] All the impressive events are done by you!

So annoying.. why did you buy couple rings?

A: Giving you rings is also out of being sorry.

S: Really?

[Feeling extremely fortunate having the unexpected gift]

A: I can’t just give it to you like that (straight-out without any special events). Don’t I already feel very sorry?

See if it fits

S: Really..

MC: More women are touched if you honestly say your feelings.

S: Why are you so cool?

*Solbi’s confession

S: I really didn’t know! When oppa revealed the rings, I thought this person really knows my mind exactly.. I really had that thought. [If Solbi lives with Andy] I really will do it well, I’m the one who is being dominated (Andy is the dominant one). We bought the same couple rings, I feel so fortunate!

[Andy puts it on for Solbi]

A: If the ring fits the girl’s fourth (ring) finger and also the guy’s small pinkie finger, then they are fated/destined to be lovers (match made in heaven).

S: Really? Let me try.

[Wants to confirm]

S: It really suits me! [We’re destined to be together…] This is great! Ah… so happy… I now have two rings!

A: Oppa wearing two is a bit..

S: No matter what I’ll wear them, I’ll never lose them again!

A: Really?

S: Really! If I’m asked who gave it to me, can I reply “my husband gave it to me”?

A: [nods]

S: [Happy] I’ll when it even when I go to sleep!

A: Let’s take a photo?

[The rings on the two hands represent that happiness cannot be obtained without hardship]

[Healing and Recovery… Another name for Love]

[So are they wearing the rings in the studio?]

[They are wearing them!!!]

[Solbi wears them on different hands, Andy wears both on one hand]

[One is platinum, the other is 24k gold]

Crown J: If it’s like this, then isn’t this reality? They are not pretend-couples anymore, they are real once they have worn the rings.

[Seo In Young raises her ringless hand]

Crown J: Really… ^^;;;

SIY: Don’t have.. Don’t have…(my ring)

— Hope you enjoyed reading!! Go Andy & Solbi!!