But Ideal Man?

Harsh Critic: But Ideal Man?

Shin Ae’s unveiling of her ideal type of man in a recent program has caught the attention of audiences. In a recent episode of “Golden Fishery – Radio Star”, Shinae once again confronts some of the negative criticisms of the public.

During the program Shin Ae talks about her good friend Kim Chun and about what she likes to eat when going out with friends. When she talks about her ideal type of guy, she said she like a guy “with a bit of a belly, a very stable and reliable type.” She also said that she preferred a guy with a fatherly nature more than a great-looking guy.

When asked the question, “For Shinae, Kim Gyu Ra is…”, Shinae’s answer is ‘most ideal type’. This was shocking since her ideal type was not named Alex but Kim Gyu Ra, who is known for his harsh criticism of Korean celebrities. She said her reason is due to Kim Gyu Ra’s honest and generous nature. Even though he is named ‘ideal type’, audiences have noticed that in the his ‘poison tongue’ also have damaged Shin Ae in the past.