🙂 In the episode of MBC’s ‘Lovely Day’ which aired on the 23rd, Alex’s mother has told the production crew that she likes Shinae to be her daugther-in-law. The crew asked her, “What do you think about Shinae as a daughter-in-law?” and she replied, “I like her. Even though they are an artificial couple I always think how nice it would be if she was really my daugther-in-law”.

Mother, Brother and Sister

Alex's Family: Mother, Brother and Sister

Meanwhile, Alex told the crew that his high school friend got married and expressed his admiration.
He said, “I’m so envious. I’ve walked this street alone 10 years ago and I’m still walking alone”.

In this episode, Alex had made a visit to his family in Vancouver, Canada for the first time in 5 years.