... but not without conflict

Mother-Daughter Love: ... but not without conflict.

Solbi’s mother confessed, ‘When Solbi was born she was a premature baby who only weighed 2 kg… we were going to give up hope on her.’ On the 25th of July (to be aired), Solbi and her mum will have their first-ever joint appearance on KBS2’s talk show. This is a continuation of Solbi’s parents’ appearance in the popular variety show “We Got Married”. Solbi’s mum revealed intimate details about Solbi’s birth on the show.

Solbi and her mother also confess their honest feelings various aspects of their daily life and confront misunderstandings they’ve had before. Solbi’s mother especially publically reveals the 20 day-premature birth of Solbi. “When she was born, we felt extremely unwilling when the doctor told us we may have to give up on her. But when we saw her struggling to live, we made the decision to keep her living no matter what.’

Recently Solbi’s pretend-husband Andy was named ‘An-Seobang’ by Solbi’s mother, when the MC asked her what she hoped for in Solbi’s future husband, Solbi’s mum replied, ‘If would be the best if we can have a guy who has a combination of the strengths of both Andy and Alex.’ She also said she wanted Solbi’s ideal husband to be ‘a very strong-charactered career soldier.’
Original Source:  mydaily

Translated by: londony @ londonface.wordpress.com


Rant: Waaaaaaaahhhhhhh… My heart nearly broke when Solbi’s omanim described Solbi’s struggle at birth – but she’s such a fighter (in the past, now and always will be)!! SOLBI HWAITING!!!

She also said that she wanted someone who’s like ‘a soldier’ – tough, strict, strong-willed I think. So… hm… I guess that doesn’t completely fit with Andy’s image but as we have seen on “We Got Married” Andy also has a commanding/strong-willed side to him, and that she also liked his cooking and looking after Solbi – there’s hope!!! Haha!