– An honest explanation/answer to the question and rumour “Are Andy and Solbi really dating?”

Broadcast Only?

Andy & Solbi: Broadcast Only?

On KBS 2TV’s “Yoyumanman’ (note: romanisation of name), Solbi has said on one hand, ‘My relationship with Andy is a meaningful yet unclear area’ but also that when recording the show with Andy, real feelings and emotions are felt. Now that Andy and Solbi are regular casts of the popular MBC show “We Got Married”, they ‘date’  and express affections through the recording and broadcast of the show.

In the program Solbi also expressed a desire to get married early – she said, ‘If I have someone I like, then I would like to get married early.’ She also joked, ‘Once I get married I plan to stop work, but due to my recent work committments I am too busy and am frustrated that I can’t get married yet.’

Today is the first ever appearance of Solbi and her mother on a variety program, thus generating interest from the public. Solbi’s mum revealed, ‘To be honest, to be an entertainer one has to be single. Compared to an entertainer, I would prefer my son-in-law to be a soldier.’ Her honest/blunt comments has caught the attention of audiences. When asked who she preferred between Andy or Alex, Solbi’s mother replied, ‘It would be best to combine Alex’s romantic side with Andy’s caring side.’, to the laughter of the audience.

Translated by: londony @ londonface.wordpress.com

Rant: As if we can only view them that way! hehe.

More Photos of Solbi and her mum’s episode from Yoyumanman (not sure if the name is completely correct, hehe)

Solbi and Mum: Resemblences!

Beautiful Genes!

Solbi and Sister: Beautiful Genes!

A mixture please! lol.

Andy or Alex?: A mixture please! lol.