Some fans have taken photos of Andy and Solbi’s off-screen interaction while they weren’t being filmed on Music Core while being co-MCs. They look very comfortable with eachother (perhaps not being filmed by WGM camera crew so close up helps 😛 )!!

I’ve also taken the liberty of adding my own interpretation of Andy and Solbi’s conversation during their co-MC episode of Music Core — NOTE THIS IS ONLY MY IMAGINATION, NOT WHAT THEY ACTUALLY SAID! hehe! You’re also welcome to comment on what YOU THINK Andy said!! 😉


Aren't I a better MC than you?

Andy: Aren't I a better MC than you?

Yeah whatever, Andy Oppa.

Solbi: Yeah whatever, Andy Oppa.

(what does he say here?)

Andy: (what does he say here? fill the blank!)

Oppa... So embarrassing!

Andy: Solbi you look pretty today! ... Solbi: Oppa... So embarrassing!