1. New MC Kang Soo Jung

Part 1: Andy/Solbi, Crown J/Seo In Young, Hwang Bo/Hyung Joong, Alex/Shinae

Summary: Introduction of the Mission – Double Date, yay!

Jealousy within couple ranks as Andy & Solbi discuss preparation details and Seo In Young/Crown J argue over which couple they would like to go on the date with. Hyung Joong/Hwang Bo arrives at the beach waiting for… Alex and Shinae couple who are driving along the road, also speculating who they will be paired with – Alex especially snubbed over Shinae mentioning Hyung Joong being an idol. (note: Watch the road, Alex!) Crown J/In Young packs for the trip to the mountains, only packing… clothes?? Andy practices for his musical but Solbi gets jealous at his potential (female) singing partner, but becomes happy again after hearing that he doesn’t have one. (hehe…) They/or rather Andy packs the chilly-bin and off they go to meet… Crown J and Seo In Young, who are mad over Ansol being late 😛 but In Young quickly forgives them after hearing that Andy packed food for the trip.

Part 2: (okay each part pretty much has all four couples 😛 )

Summary: Ansol and Ant Couple get on the train, and Solbi shows off her ring –> more jealousy from In Young/Crown J!!

Part 3: Continuation of more couple Jealousy (which I think has become the REAL mission of the episode, lol)

Summary: Ansol takes a sweet photo together while the Ant couple looks on with envy, especially Seo In Young. But the Ant couple takes a memorable ‘A’ couple photo of their own. Andy invites his special guest… Don Don! Everyone’s reaction to asking Don Don to join them? ‘No!!!!’ (haha.) Don Don is sleeping as Andy calls him under complaints, particularly from In Young again (Don Don is outraged in the studio, 😛 ). They tuck into the food Ansol prepared and Solbi attempts to crack a boiled egg on Andy’s head – ouchies.

Part 4:

Summary: Ansol moves into the small trailer-ish houses and In Young isn’t very happy about their living conditions. *plays doomed music* Don Don arrives on the scene!

Part 5:

Summary: Don Don arrives and starts creating trouble for everyone… to the dislike of Crown J and In Young and Ansol. Seriously.. does he lie on people’s beds as a habit?? He also starts hogging all the food Ansol brought while everyone else complains to him (funniest scene).

Part 6:

Summary: Andy braves the water as he goes first when water-skiing, causing Solbi to be impressed and worried at the same time. Solbi falls deeper into love while watching her cool husband water-ski!! Crown J fails a few times but still manages to look semi-cool for Seo In Young. But the worst one is Don Don, who acts like a fish out of water… in the water!!!

Hwangbo/Hyung Joong and Alex/Shin Ae Summary:

The HH couple arrives at the beach first and Alex playfully throws their luggage to get noticed. Who is prettier, Hwang Bo or Shin Ae? … lol not a convincing response from Hyung Joong. They move into their beautiful and spatious beach house! When unpacking Hyung Joong brought 10 manga books, haha, as well as packs of snacks – Alex looks on in envy?

Beach Time! Alex and Hyung Joong drags Hwang Bo out in the sea and she is soaked 😛 Hwang Bo keeps on taking weird/quirky-looking photos and Alex acts lovey/playful with Shin Ae 🙂 To make things even more fun, Alex agrees (I think voluntarily?) to be buried in the sand, while Shin Ae decorates his face with sunscreen. (hehe.) More fun and games continue: notable ones are more skinship between Hyung Joong and Hwang Bo and when Alex goes topless 😛

Boat/Fishing: Will they catch anything this time? .. or will someone’s heart be ‘hooked’?? (yes I’m lame 😛 ) Alex manages to catch a reasonable sized fish! So it’s Hyung Joong’s turn to look on with envy, while Hwang Bo tries to help her husband by trying fishing again.

After fishing the couples have more alone time together and Alex/Shin Ae dances!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (*squeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!*) Falling for eachother?? I would put my bet on it!! Please see the awesome dance seen below:

All Youtube Videos Credit To the Speedy: Standyary!!!

Note: This is my present to everyone before I start uni – my last long long long post 😛 I will still update my blog regularly but probably with shorter entries from now on! Hope you enjoyed reading!!!! 🙂