Note: text in [square brackets] are text on screen, text in (round brackets) are my comments. And the *** signs indicate location.

[Wearing Two Couple Rings – Andy and Solbi]

*** Ansol sitting in front of the fan

Solbi: Because waring two rings is not very convenient ah!

A: Yes, it’s like that.

*** Standing up and walking to the kitchen

[Solbi wants to think of an idea by herself to display the rings]

S: (mutters) It shouldn’t be like this…

[Solbi means to hang up the ring on the lamp]

A: It’s not like this, Solbi ah, if you first hang up this, then wouldn’t it be easier to hang up the other one later?

S: Oppa, just believe in me and wait and see.

(Andy stands up and raises his hand to show Solbi how to do it his way)

S: Ah, yes it should be like that.

(Both laugh)

[(Solbi thinking) Should’ve listened to what Oppa said]

(Andy takes the ring and hangs it up)

[In the end, Responsible Andy finishes without a doubt]

S: So great~

[We can think about it (the rings) 3 times a day]

A: Waoh, pretty rings!

S: If we tie the rings together, then wouldn’t we also be together? The moment I see them being separated, do you know that I feel sad?

A: They can fight~ If they are like this (pointing to the rings as a joke), I got married and started fighting!

(Andy stands up to separate the rings but is stopped by Solbi)

S: They won’t fight.

[Andy wants to untie the entangled rings]

S: Then I’ll tie them back together later!

[When we have spare time we’ll look at the rings!]

** Solbi opens the mission envelope

(Anbi couple sits on the sofa)

[Today’s mission is: Double Date with another couple on a holiday  trip!]

S: We have to arrive at 9 am. What time is it now?

A: の~~~ It’s 7.30am already, we’re late, we’re late!

S: If it’s a double date, then who do we want to pair up with?

A: Yeah, who should we pair up with? What do you think?

S: I want to go with Shinae and Alex.

A: Me too.

S: [cautious] Why? Do you know why I just said that?  It’s because I want you to learn from Alex oppa!

[Solbi wants to induce Andy’s jealousy/sense of competition]

A: What?

S: You also have to learn how to be thoughtful for people (note: through romantic actions/events)!

A: En.. Then wouldn’t it be good if I learnt how to? Aren’t you preparing to go on a holiday now?

S: [immediate change of heart] Ah yep, Oppa should be the best!

A: (laughs) You keep on changing your choice between us (note: me and Alex)!

S: But to be honest, I would feel better if we didn’t go with Crown J/Seo In Young.

A: Why?

S: [criticises] Because she’s too skinny!

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Youtube Credit to automonmon