This was not done by me but by jaejoonie ❤ from the Soompi forums – all credits goes to you and thanks very much! I thought if other people didn’t have access to the translation, here it is:


() = my comments
[] = written words on the screen
…..blahblah = offscreen comments

Haeoondae sea (Haeoondae is the name)

[dragging a very heavy looking bag]

HJ: The sea is great and all but why do I feel like it’s winter period instructions? (I don’t understand that word that well… I looked in the dictionary but it was confusing)
HB: Isn’t it nice that we’re here by the sea?
HJ: Yea… it’s nice.
HJ: Ah~ so heavy.
……….MC: this couple always seems like they’re spies.
HJ: Are you carrying around a hammer or something?

Little text: [walking toolbox (she got this nickname when she ripped open the guitar remember?)]
Text below it: [so curious what’s inside the walking toolboxe’s suitcase]
(in Korean it’s shortened so that it’s more like W.T. except in Korean)

……….Hwangbo: I had lots of luggage.
HB: Hammer?
HJ: Yea
HB: It’s so I can go around well dressed and pretty. (the heavy luggage)

HB: Mission!
[checking the mission envelope!]

HB: I want to sit too.

[first plants the shoes.] (I don’t know what 백시장 is.)

HB: Mission
HJ: couples, go out on a vacation, start 7:30.

HJ: They’re late They’re late.
HB: What time is it?
HJ: now?
HB: Yea
HJ: 7:40
HB: dongban, which means there is another couple coming.
HJ: Ah, you’re right.
HB: of course.
……….MC: I wonder which couple will come.
HB: Ah~ why should there be another couple. They shouldn’t come.
HJ: When there is another person with us I feel more awkward.
HB: Really?
HJ: Yea
HB: For me, I feel awkward when we are alone.
HJ: For me, I feel more uncomfortable when there are other people.
HB: Really?
HJ: Yea.
HB: Then is it better if it’s just me?
[when did they get so comfortable with each other?]
HJ: Yeap.
HJ: Imagine if there are two of you…
HB: Why? What’s wrong with someone like me~? Isn’t it better if there are more people like me?
HJ: An unfamiliar person.

[calling his wife an UN-FA-MI-LI-AR PER-SON]

HJ: You know in Japan, you came out on TV a lot.

[little groom who has seen Hwangbo’s Korean programs in Japan]

HB: Why? Why would I be broadcasted in Japan…
HB: A lot of Korean Programs are broadcasted in Japan.

[little groom who took the time to watch it just because his wife would be on there]

HB: Ah, you saw them? Did you miss me a lot?

HJ: You seemed to be so relaxed…

……..MC: ah~ confessing his hurt a bit.

HB: It’s not like that~
HJ: It was purely only words that you’re alone all the time. But when you’re on TV you laugh so much and clap all the time.

[little groom who was sad to see bride being even happier when she was away from him]

HB: You don’t realize it, but even if I’m smiling and laughing on the outside inside I was always thinking of you. Every time I was clapping half of my brain was only filled with you.
[but bride who is still happy that little groom thought of her]

[For real, what couple is it? … they’re so late]

HB: Why aren’t they coming?
Alex: If it’s hwangbo and hyunjoong I think it will be awkward.

[shinhae’s hope-couple lettuce couple]
shinhae: I want to see idols.

[still waiting Joongbo]

HB: Why aren’t they coming~~?
HJ: So late~~

[Hyunjoong’s hope-couple crown J and Inyoung]

HB: What happens if it’s another team?
HJ: Then it’s another team. (aha, cold hyunjoong)
HJ: Do I ask them to leave then?
HB: If it’s a different team then say it like this,

[If another couple comes… then?]

HJ: what do I say?
HB: uh… Lets just play separately and see each other next time~. How about that?
HJ: Isn’t that a bit rude?
HJ: They came all the way here to see us… what kind of behavior is that?
HB: Making me the bad person.
HJ: You should say it like this.
HB: What should I say?
HJ: We just got married… and we have a lot of things to overcome… will it be okay if just the two of us hang out?

…….Dondon: If this is his real feelings, then it’s good news for hwangbo.

HB: Lets talk a lot together okay?
HJ: Okay.
HB: You can’t talk with another girl.
HJ: I wont.
HB: If they start a conversation with you, just gesture to them.
HJ: Like a deaf person?
HB: yeap.
HJ: Got it. No matter who talkes me, I’ll act like a deaf person who ate honey.

[will little groom be able to keep his promise?]

HB: Really?
HJ: Yea.
HB: Okay,
HJ: But really, when will they arrive?

Little text: [real time 8:40]
Big text: [even if 1 hour passes, no other couple is in sight]
……..dondon: You really waited a whole hour!?
………hwangbo: We really waited an hour.

HJ: [patience running out] aaaaaaaaah~~~~ they are really late.

……….MC: They seem like a parent couple.

HB: Seems like it came out straight out from your heart.
HJ: You’re right.
[Even the polite little groom losing his temper]

Shinhae: Is it the people sitting down over there?
[lettuce couple who really stands out, even from far away.]

Shinhae: they didn’t see us yet!

[but actually, discovered them already]

HB: Do they know what time it is? I’m just going to pretend I didn’t see them.
HJ: They seem awkward right now.

[in trouble… awkward couple number one alex ❤ shinhae couple]

HJ: I think it will be better if we pretend we didn’t see them.
HB: Lets wait for them until they say they’re sorry.
HJ: ok.
HB: What will we say if they apologize?

[already preparing for the couple power fight]

HJ: Just say ok.
HB: Just it’s okay. Ok.

HJ: Ah, that scared me.
HB: What is this?

………..MC: Even ruining the atmosphere for them.

HB: Ah, inyoung’s callings from the sky!
HB: Do you know what time it is? Look at the time!

[hwangbo who says it exactly like they practiced]

Alex: We were waiting all the way on the other side, really. Not lying.
HJ: [smiles] No! it’s okay!

[Again, in the end, making bride look like the bad person]

HB: This isn’t it!
HJ: we waited for about an hour but it’s okay.
[little groom who is politely telling them why his wife is mad]

[I want to die]

[alex who is introducing his wife to hyunjoong]
alex: My wife really wanted to meet you
HB: really? Groom you remember what we promised before right?
HJ: Yes.

[Little groom who doesn’t even make eye contact with shinhae in order to keep his promise with his wife]
HB: okay!
……….alex: Ah! So that’s why he was like that!

[obedient little groom]

Alex: I looked into a lodging house.
HB: Where is it?
Alex: You’ll see when we get there.

[two men dragging Hwangbo’s luggage]

HB: Sorry, my luggage is so big two guys need to drag it.
Alex: yea…
HJ: no it’s okay.

………alex: he still didn’t make eye contact with her or even look at her!
………dondon: He really sticks to his promise (actually he repeated what alex said but he said it in that kind of tone)

[what kind of vacation will the four people spend?]

[the lodging room the four people will spend in]
[everyone who is surprised at alex’s planning]

Alex: it’s nice huh?
Shinhae: ya!

HB: so big… just for the four of us.
Shinhae: when did you prepare somewhere like this?
HB: recently… business has been hard for us.

[before, our house had a swimming pool]

HJ: He’s not cool for nothing. He seems to invest a lot… on romantic stuff. The romantic scale is very different.

[little groom who came to realize… after seeing older brother alex]
[alex who is gathering everyone by the window]

[right in front the blue ocean]


Part 2

[a huge heart that somebody drew in baeksajjang beach]

Alex: First, lets unpack.
Hwangbo/Shinhae: yes sir.
Hwangbo: it’s KukKiHoonRyun teacher.

…….HB: I felt very comfortable around shinhae
…….Dondon: so far, it doesn’t seem as awkward as we thought it would be

HB: Truthfully, it was pretty nice.

[alex’s lead was nice]

HB: It was easy to just follow alex’s lead. Just unpack, do this, and do that.

[the role that Hwangbo has been playing all this time]

HB: Just doing things that he planned felt easy and fun. (direct translation is Comfortable, laid back but it doesn’t fit in English ^^;;).

[my groom is still young so…]

HB: It’s not that my husband doesn’t know how to lead, he keeps in mind that he is younger than me,

[a special case only in older bride younger groom]

HB: and I’m older than him so he gives me the key to lead. If I don’t do or plan anything he’s the type of guy that will do the leading.

[little groom who is alone with alex]

HJ: I don’t have much luggage so…
Alex: no, we don’t really need that much. Only swimsuit and stuff.

[The things little groom has packed is…?]

……Alex: I want to point out that I’m the oldest out of the group.

[so different… 10 manhwa books!] (comic books)


……..MC: what else did he bring?

[instant noodles… only three of them.] (just want to point out there are 4 people, short 1 person! I guess when hwangbo and hyunjoong eats together, this is how much they eat.)

[he is a very interesting person] (in a granpaish tone)

[going out to sea to play in the water]

shinhae: me tooooooo~~~!(?)

[what happened…]

………solbi: shinhae changed a lot

[the awkwardness they had at their honeymoon is gone.]

………MC: they look so nice together!
……….dondon: it seems like they have thrown away all their uncomfort between the two of them.
[shinhae who is scared of the sea…]

[hwangbo who became a felon (a bird)] (I think this suppose to mean something but I don’t know)

…………MC: alex! What are you doing to another person’s wife?!
…………dondon: omgomgomg!
…………MC: omg! What are you doing with another wife’s legs?
[little groom who is helping alex along]

………solbi: she’s kidnapping all the grooms.
………MC: if I was shinhae I would’ve jumped in with them. Grabbing another wife’s legs…. So calm.

[revenges only on her little groom]

[alex who fished out some seaweed]
[a present to shinhae who can’t join them]

……….MC: is shinhae afraid of the sea water?

[seaweed hat decoration(?)]

Alex: look this way!

HB: no no, not yet… ahh~ only take it when I’m pretty~~
(actually, finish making myself look pretty. But then she is doing aegyou so that fits better)

[wink couple?]
………..MC: only paying attention to hwangbo
[funny even to the models of the picture]
……….MC: so cute.

HB: [check] I looked weird huh?
HJ: [absentminded] no, it was pretty.
HB: I don’t think you’re telling the truth.

………dondon: I can feel how happy they are.

[another go at a proper couple picture]

………alex: I’m wearing shorts there, but the water was very cold.

HB: wait a moment ok?


………dondon: They look co cool!

[going for revenge]
[hwangbo’s cowardly revenge]

[on the other side]

[as expected…]

………MC: this side is like they’re filming a movie.
………MC: this side is practically a movie.

[the neck playing two people?] (I don’t know what that game is…)

……….dondon: are they using a different camera to film this couple or something?

[little groom who can’t go very deep because he is afraid of sharks]

[four people who are tired of playing in the water]

Alex: Do you want to play that?
Alex: you know the game where you do rock paper scissors and the loser gets buried up to his neck.

HB: I usually win these games….

[little groom who is on fire]

HJ: rock paper sissor!

[alex the loser!]
[alex who suggested the game and gets to be the one being buried]

HJ: I’ll bury you.
Alex: I really wanted to try this once.

…dondon: isn’t it suppose to be getting buried upright?

………alex: we’re not criminals or anything okay?

*working hard* *working hard*

Alex: hyunjoongie is working so hard!
……….alex: this is the first time I saw hyunjoong work so hard.

[the hardworking hyunjoong that you can’t see everyday]
[muscles that are seriously flexing out like crazy]

……….dondon: woa… look at those muscles.

Alex: you know that I never did anything wrong to you.
[alex with a beer belly done!]

Hwangbo: lets go eat now.
Shinhae: [jokingly] will you be good now on or not?

Alex: something something hwangbo~~
Shinhae: will you be good or not? Answer me.


Shinhae: I didn’t do it! It wasn’t me!

[sand all over face]

HB: [mischief] you’re grip is so weak. Did you loose your strength? I’ll get it for you.
Shinhae: thank you thank you.

[lots of sand ALL OVER face]

[shinhae who has something]
[cleaning groom’s face who has suffered enough]

[not even caring at hwangbo’s disservice]

[couple game mountain leaf!! Game]
[loser buys snack. Fallen stick equals loser]

[shinhae winner, hwangbo goes first]


HJ: [comforting] it’s okay, we’re use to losing~

[after putting it that way]

HJ: My bride! Don’t lose! Don’t lose!

[suddenly scaring her to win]

HB: out of all the things you could’ve said… it wasn’t good luck, but don’t lose!

[But we can’t lose this game!!]

Alex: don’t lose my wife, if you lose you die.

*careful careful*

…………dondon: since it is a couples game.

[my wife, good job]

[alex’s turn]

[little by little]

HB: as expected, egg peeler.

[*frustrated* my darling…]

……….dondon: In this game all your personality comes out.

[hyung, you’re such a blood type A person]
[hurry up will you…!!]

[very detailed, little by little]

HB: if you let go once, that’s it!
Alex: ok.

[hyunjoong’s turn who has been winning in all the games so far]

HB: careful, careful!


……….MC: I think it will just fall.



HJ: I guess I’m not good at these games.

[lettuce couple who is chosen to buy the snacks]

HJ: I don’t think this is my thing. Why does it fall so easily when I just touched it?

HB: [appealing] they beat us so easily.
Alex: It’s too bad. Too bad~

[deep in thought about the game]

[getting up without a word and then…]

Alex: disappointed? Can’t seem to accept the truth?


[I really really hate losing!!]

Alex: sad? Sad? Sad?

Hwangbo: Why do we lose all the time?

[Round 2, gender couple fight]
[round 2, can only touch the palms. First to push over wins]

Alex: Ready! 1 2 3!

HB: I don’t want to lose! I don’t want to lose!

[something shinhae vs walking tool box]

HJ: Show them your Indian strength!

[looks battle?!!]

[will lettuce couple be successful?]
[walking toolbox playing around]

HJ: this isn’t it.
HB: omg!

*easily falls*

[a light push is all that is needed]

HJ: You can do it! Get up! Get up!

*struggle struggle*

HB: she seemed to have exercised her fair share…. People like her are strong. She has everything. She even took the qualities of strength…