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looking even prettier these days!

Bright Solbi: looking even prettier these days!

** Fun Water Activities Begin! [On the other hand, Jeopen]

MC: Many people don’t dare to do it.

[Husbands take wake-boarding challenge]

S: Oppa Hwaiting!

A: Hwaiting!

[Wives with high anticipation]

[Andy has only seen this once, and so…?]

S: (worried) Quickly help oppa! Oppa, are you okay? Is this okay if he’s in the water?

DD: He’s in the water!

SIY: Aiyo, he’s fine!

DD: (excessive) There is someone in the water!

S: Oppa Hwaiting

SIY: Hwaiting!

[Oppa, do it well!]

[As a result, Andy’s real strength is…?]

MCs: Can he do it? He’s really tough.

[Stands up in one go]

S: Wah! So handsome, so suave!

[Andy’s cool wakeboarding ride!!]

Solbi: [completely mesmerized] So cool! Yah, really cool!

CJ: Good job!

DD: Jump, jump, jump!

[Solbi’s spirit has left her body (note: as a result of being mesmerized by Andy)]

** Solbi’s confession

Solbi: He was really cool! Women seem to like the look of a man when he’s being athletic. If he can do it very well, then won’t be mesmerized? I was mesmerized by that part.

[Solbi mesmerized again after seeing Andy’s excellence in sports]

[Andy didn’t fall, wake-boarding very well]

CJ in Studio: Wah, now that’s really art!

DD: Ah Andy, what a pity (?) (note, the question mark is translated, the sub is correct! Lol)

S: Truly handsome, but after boarding away I can’t see anything clearly.

[Solbi an idiot (in love)]

DD: Wave your hand, Andy ah!

MC: Really great!

(Andy raises one hand)

[One hand special technique]

[Andy’s True Strength with High Abilities!]

[After showing superior technique, immediately pu-tonh!]

[Ai yo yo]

S: Aiya, my husband. Oppa are you alright?

MC: Can he hear you?

[To show Solbi, Andy acts brave]

S: Don’t force yourself! (laughs)

[That was the suave Andy!!]

DD: That was great! Completely a contender for the Olympics! Can I please start dating you from now on? That was too cool!

(The rest are CJ/SIY/DD’s cuts so I won’t be subbing them – sorry! ANBIHOLICS FAN SUBS will be subbing all my translation onto video for your enjoyment and the other parts of the episode will be posted up soon! Due to changes in youtube – I will post the links when I find them J )

Ending Translation:

Solbi sitting on Andy's lap??

Anbi Actions: Solbi sitting on Andy's lap??

** Two couples back from their leisure cruise

MC: He can’t go now that the couples are back!

DD: Bye bye, kids! I’ll see you around! [Hyung Don immediately runs away]

[In the end, his fate is…?]

Translated by: londony @