... 'What is this... this is...' while Seo In Young looks on in envy (Thanks to CrazyYochy from Soompi for the screencap!)

Solbi Bliss: ... 'What is this... this is...' while Seo In Young looks on in envy (Thanks to CrazyYochy from Soompi for the screencap!)

A: Oppa needs to quickly prepare for the trip

S: Then you can quickly prepare it!

[Not thinking of the luggage but standing in front of the fridge?]

S: I~~ I~~

A: What are you boiling?


(Solbi suddenly turns around, scaring Andy)

S: Why are you this scared of me?

[Preparing to hard-boil eggs to bring on the train ride]

S: Oppa, can you eat raw eggs? Since you were busy with the musical, is your throat feeling unwell?

A: No, no, I don’t eat raw eggs.

[To manage a sore throat, needs to eat raw eggs]

S: Try to eat it and see, it’s really good for your throat

(Andy runs away, S closely follows)

[For the health of her husband, Solbi wants to everything for him]

S: Oppa try and eat a bit!

(Andy suddenly sings)

S: Oppa, your singing is really great!

(Solbi wants to hold Andy’s hand)

S: Oppa, hurry up and come over here

[This is the song in Andy’s musical]

S: [jealous] Ah the one with Honey Lee?

(Solbi lets go of Andy’s hand, Andy is worried and quickly explains)

A: In the musical I don’t have intimate scenes

S:  [quickly changes colour] Ah, really? [Relieved] Then that’s alright~

S: [confirming] But I heard there was a bobo scene?

A: It’s not like that

(Solbi turns around with suspicion, Andy again explains)

A: No, I’m by myself like that.

[No Solbi can stretch her feet to comfortably sleep (her suspicions at rest)]

S: Aiyo, don’t worry. Since I’m going to see the musical to confirm it, I don’t want to be angry now.

(Andy laughs helplessly)

[Solbi goes to her room to pick out clothes]

[As a result, the one boiling the eggs and doing last preparations is An-Seobang again]

A: [Urging] Are you done preparing?

S: Orh~ I just need to do this and that’s it.

A: Quickly finish wearing your clothes

S: Yep, I’ll be quick

[Andy busy due to the lazy Solbi]

[Solbi eats a banana on the side]

A: Ai, there is no time, pack while you eat

[Selfish Solbi]

A: (pushes Solbi) Hurry up and move, move~

[Various kinds of food stuffed fully]

S: Have we finished preparing?

[In the end changes her clothes and comes out]

A: It’s done

S: [Wears hat in front of the mirror] So cute!

[Andy brings a huge luggage by himself]

S: Oppa, am I pretty?

A: [sweats] Hurry, hurry!

[Andy wants to leave while Solbi continues chatting]

A: Oppa is really tired right now..

[Can this couple arrive at the meeting place on time?]

Part 2B:

[Screen text: 9:15 am] meeting the Ant couple

SIY: (face to face) Today we’ll show you our cool side/how to be cool.

S: [anticipates] Today I can finally see In Young’s angry side in reality.

[From the conversation we can tell that the two mistresses have finally met]

[Ansol brought plenty of food]

S: What did you bring?

SIY: Our kids

[The Ant couple only brought plenty of clothing]

S: Do you have any conscience? Everyone’s going together…

J: [Satisfied] Then food is sorted, In Young ah~ We also have Andy here

[The Ant couple now becomes the Bed Bugs/Parasite couple]

A: [This is too excessive] So you didn’t bring any food

S: You should’ve known earlier!

[Ansol Couple shocked]

A: This is too much!

** On the Train

A: Where do you want to sit?

S: I want to sit on this sea

[Solbi chooses her seat facing the front direction of the train station]

S: Then we can sit opposite to each other

CJ: [Mental Challenge] No way, that’s our seat.

S: [Disregards] Of course it’s not like that~

[Dividing the territory of the seats]

S: Omg, I’m like an ahjumma!

A: [concedes] Because women can easily get car sick

(Andy explains to the Ant couple because of Solbi, SIY is jealous on the side)

ANDY: why.. don’t you dare keeping eye contact with me for a long period?

[ (envy) What is this… this…]

CJ: These two are really a mushy couple!

*** After sitting down

S: Don’t you take off your glasses even indoors?

[In this lifetime, SIY will always take her husband’s side]

SIY: This is our style


S: Omo, (to andy) do you know the model CP before? Model CP? (laughs)

A: I really have a curious question, that ring..

CJ: Today I didn’t bring any of my precious jewellery

S: Ah, if it’s like that, Crown J ssi we brought ours!

[Solbi showing off her couple ring]

(Ansol stretches to do ‘A’, while SIY waves her hand on the side to show no rings on her hand, lol)

(Four people burst out laughing)

** Solbi’s confession

S: This is our first time wearing our couple rings together and showing other people. This has a deep meaning so I really want to show off my ring no matter who it is. When I saw In Young’s envious look, I felt really happy! [Solbi’s inner hope is to be envied] They looks like they were trumped by us. [Intangible Mental Challenge] So like this, I want to show them how happy we are.

**Back to Train scene

CJ: Because today is our holiday,  I use to live in Colorado in the United States.

S: Ah, Oppa weren’t you born in America?

J:  That’s right. (then in English) That’s how we do it. You know how we roll, baby girl.

S: Our Andy Oppa also lived in America before, and knows how to speak English well.

[My husband definitely can’t lose!]

S: (suddenly) But don’t tell me you forgot how to speak it after a long time!

A: I can’t use slang very well.

S: Slang… (asks SIY) What is slang?

SIY: What is that, why do you ask? Can’t we just stay like this? If I don’t know something normally, then I don’t I just stay like this with my mouth shut?

(Solbi nods)

S: Okay, I know this now.

[Solbi learns something from SIY. It seems their holiday won’t be a common one…]

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