(Train finally departs!)

S: This is so great!

SIY: (cries out) We’re going!

[confirming] Seobang, have you checked today’s weather? (note: bad memories from last train outing, hehe)

CJ: We’ll have a look now, my dear.

[The origin of the last train outing incident… Suspicious of Crown J]

SIY: No, why is it no, is because we can’t just look at the sky to determine whether today we will have good weather or not.

[The sky looks slightly cloudy]

SIY: Look at this and that, it’s going to rain soon

[Even now still remembers distinctively from last time]

** Solbi takes out mobile phone to take a photo with Andy

(SIY jealous on the side looking at Ansol’s sweet photo scene, secretly thinking: I also want to take one)

[Insensitive Ant Seobang]

Andy and Solbi: Do you also want to take one?

SIY: No it’s oaky.

(SIY looks at the phone with Solbi)

A: (to SIY) You look very jealous ah~

S: Let’s take one for your guys?

SIY: [very firm] I said it’s okay.

(Even though saying she doesn’t want to take photos, SIY stands up and even says, ‘Aiyo, I already said I don’t want to take one… While posing with Crown J, a very satisfied SIY)

A: That was a really good photo!

SIY: Of course, we’re like a painting!

[SIY now sitting in direction facing the back of the train]

SIY: I’m giving way to let you sit there.

A: Oh, thank you!

CJ: This is the first time you conceded?

SIY: From the moment I was born, I’ll try and give way to others this once.

CJ: But why is the other party Andy?

[Now the jealousy is crystal clear]

A: Orh that’s right. Can we call Hyung Don hyung who last came to our house-warming party?

SIY: But wouldn’t that expose the truth? But we didn’t even pack any food?

CJ: It’s not like that, dear, I called him before – he is really lonely.

SIY: Then do I have to see ahjussi again?

[Husbands trying their best to convince their wives]

A: Is it okay if it’s Hyung Don hyung?

S: No matter what, hyung is also…

A: Yes, he is really lonely

[In the end helplessly agrees]

SIY: Then alright.

S: But would he feel even more lonely seeing our relationships?

[Hyung Don may become more lonely stuck in between married couples]

(Calling Don Don – sounding lazy on the phone)

[11am in the morning, but as expected he is still sleeping]

S: (takes phone) Oppa, hurry and get up! What time is it and you are still sleeping? It is because of this that you’ll become more chubby! Oppa, we are going on a holiday, Oppa can join us later to play!

DD: No way… today is my rest day!

[Can’t compare to SIY]

(SIY takes phone)

SIY: Oppa, come to (Jeopen?) and play. That’s me, we’ll meet you there at 1pm, see you then! Hurry up and come! (crisply hangs up phone)

S: Will he come?

SIY: Of course, If I said it then he’ll come.

A: Wah.. (thumbs up)

[First time seeing this situation, sighing for SIY]

CJ: (Proud) Our In Young is the best.

*** 30 mins after departure

A: I’m slowly becoming more hungry

S: Are you hungry? Hungry?


S: (Proud) We have hard-boiled eggs!

SIY: (blocks nose) The smell of eggs!

[On the other hand, the Ant couple hasn’t eaten anything]

( Andy happily starts peeling the egg shell)

S: Oppa I’ll help you peel the eggs (she takes a egg and cracks it on Andy’s head, but in the end also scares herself)

S: Does it hurt?

A: (Aggrieved) Yes it really hurts.

(Solbi rubs Andy’s head, the Ant couple feels awkward)

CJ: Dear, we’ll have fun in the water~

SIY: (indifferent) En~

[Inside the Ant couple is extremely envious]

SIY: But using eggs to play with, this is really weird~

[Strange connection between these two couples]

(SIY suddenly grabs the egg in Andy’s hand and eats it)

CJ: (pats SIY’s head) Well done, honey!

S: (surprised) Oh really, are you still very small/young?

CJ: She’s still young!

[Takes a bite and…]

SIY: Do you have any salt?

A: [sincere] we only brought food.

[In the end their relationship progressed to sharing food]

[Screen text: But what fate awaits them in Jeopen?]


Note: not sure of the location’s romanization!


[The two couples finally arrive at their destination: Jeopen!]

A: But it’s too hot

S: (points at wooden cabins) that! What’s that?

CJ: Those on the left are wooden cabins

S: I know then if they’re bush cabins.

CJ: The ones on the right are parked trailer-cars.

SIY: Then if we sleep we’ll sleep on this side?

CJ: We can sleep either on this side or that side.

(Other than CJ, all three point to the cabins)

CJ: Not that one! The trailers are more my style! I liked in the US, weren’t there many in US films? Haven’t you all seen American movies?

S: But aren’t we Koreans? We should sleep on this side (the cabins)!

[Cabins have overwhelming popularity]

CJ: But a holiday should have a romantic atmosphere, so it’s better to live in a trailer. In Young ah, let’s go and live over there?

[The ‘A’ style ant strongly recommending the trailer-cars]

S: No, In Young, you should go with your husband!

SIY: I want to live on the cabin side, let’s live together (to Ansol)!

Crown J: ! (helplessly laughs)

[Husband being thrown away like old/broken shoes]

A: (takes luggage) Andy: (to SIY) Excus…EXCUSE ME!! (To Solbi) Let’s go!

[Ansol couple quickly leaves while they have a chance]

CJ: Not that side, Andy, Solbi ah! Romantic Andy is on that side! Go to that side, that side!

[They went off without turning back]

CJ: If we are going to play together then we should also live together!

[Scared of making SIY angry, can only yell to their backs]

** Ansol arrives at their room, Solbi is surprised

S in Studio: It was really nice there

[Putting the chilly-bin down, they are finally liberated. Andy tired collapses on the couch]

Solbi comes in: Really great!

[Scary Don Don arrives on the Scene!] *horror movie music plays… lol poor guy*

Translated by: londony @ londonface.wordpress.com

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