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(Don Don goes into SIY/CJ’s trailer and rolls on their sofa but becomes super excited when he spots the Anbi couple!)

DD: It’s Andy ah!

[Anbi couple discovered!]

** Don Don enters the Anbi Cabin

[Immediately lies down]

DD: Solbi ah, I don’t have a wife anymore so I brought my bamboo wife (his pillow?).

DD: Did you bring anything yummy?

A: No we didn’t

A: Where are you going?

(DD suddenly rises and walks further into the cabin)

S: Oppa are you going to the bedroom?

S: Don’t go in!

A: It’s starting again…

(Ansol speechless seeing DD rolling on the bed)

**Solbi’s Confession

S: Why does DD always lie on other people’s sofas whenever he enters a room, even when he travelled from so far? [Cannot be understood in any way]

Really, this oppa’s personality really seems too bright! To be honest, it’s still funny no matter which I way I look at it. When I saw him I was really scared, if it was me I wouldn’t have come. Ah.. really..Hyung don Oppa is too funny! He really came!!

** Ant Couple also comes into Ansol’s Cabin

SIY: It’s really nice here!

S: Yes, it’s really great!

DD: So you need to think about it clearly and then decide

[When did he start peeling eggs??]

DD: (to Solbi) Do you have Ramen? Ramen?

CJ: No way, what are these socks hyung?

DD: Love

[When did he start wearing socks?  Small socks (it has the cute love bear pattern on it)]

S: Oppa, don’t spill it on the floor! (DD starts messing up the packed food, attacking the Chilly-Bin)

[DD starts to overturn everything, Solbi immediately tries to stop him]

S in Studio: He really later ate everything we brought!

DD: [mad] then why did you call me here, if you try to stop me like this?

(Two couples start arguing with DD)

[The situation is disadvantageous to DD]

CJ: We also didn’t know that hyung would be like this!

DD: What if we get broadcasted right now?

SIY: Don’t change topic, don’t change topic

[Everyone is clearly feeling angry]

DD: Do you two want to argue with me?

[Sadness of not having a wife]

[Really hardship that is not known! Right Now!!]

[Inflated atmosphere]

DD: (depressed) When I did this I was also a couple

SIY: (warning) But when you were here you had to do it well!

(DD drinks by himself)

S: How is Saori Unni? Is she well?

DD: (mad)  How am I supposed to know??!!

Translated by: londony @ londonface.wordpress.com

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