Song of the Day:

Chui Chui Feng (Enjoying the Breeze) by Gary Cao [Download Here]

Wah… Is it Thursday already? Well to ease this hectic/busy week, here’s the perfect light hearted song that celebrates new love, especially for all the WGM couples, hehe. A very very cheerful tune with a rhythmic beat will definitely make your day brighter! –From the ‘Fated to Love You’ soundtrack of the popular Taiwanese Drama.

Another lame pun, hehe.

How Far Will They Go?: Note Anbi and CJ/In Young closeness 🙂 see the differences in couples' seating distance

.. and more Andy & Solbi ‘Mushy/Cheesy’ behaviour compiled from the beginning of WGM to now:

In the beginning...

Ansol Closeness: In the beginning...

Being taunted by Andy

Cute Solbi: Being taunted by Andy

...with home-made flavour!

Culinary Closeness: ...with home-made flavour!

... bed?!

Relaxing on the: ... bed?!


Make yourself comfortable: zzzZZzzz....

@ the Wetmarkets!

Future Ma and Pa: @ the Wetmarkets!


More Skinship!: squeeeeee!

more squeeeeeeeeeee!

I Can't Let You Go: more squeeeeeeeeeee! (from the ep21 preview) CLICK TO ENLARGE!