Apparently there is an article floating around saying that the PDs on the show “We Got Married” are thinking of ‘expanding the family structure’… another word for ‘adding a kid to each family’!!??

Married Anbi Couple + Child!!??

Summary of the Korean Article:

Due to all recent episodes of WGM being shot at external locations, and considering the summer heat, the PDs said that the program should be centred on the home-life of the married couples. To display a multitude of marriage aspects, they may employee different techniques to expand the family structure, e.g. adding a new member, maybe adding a child, to show a different side of marriage by taking care of the kids.

Rant: Wow!!! It would be awesome (I think) if they did add a child!

First thing that springs to mind is: where will the kid come from? Borrowed from somewhere once every two weeks? (most likely option) Or will they take care of someone else’s child (like that old K-show when Shinhwa members went to random ppl’s houses to play with and look after their kids)?

But I guess the ‘awesome’ side of things would mainly apply to Andy/Solbi and Alex/Shinae (We’ve seen them with kids) but am not so sure about Hwangbo/Hyun Joong (who I think will be a bit awkward, tho Hwang Bo will be a cool/fun mum) and especially about Crown J/Seo In Young, whose principle is:

Kids = Shoes… hm…

Anyways more photos of our couples with kids:

Solbi is great with kids!

Solbi is great with kids!

... and the mother is?

Fatherly Kindness: ... and the mother is?

Shin Ae Bobo!

Shin Ae Bobo!

with ALOT of kids (hehehehe) From WGM Ep 6

Future Ma and Pa: with ALOT of kids (hehehehe) From WGM Ep 6