... and outside?

Beauty on the inside: ... and outside?

On August 1st, the previously faceless singer Zia revealed her full face to the public on KBS2TV’s Music Bank. Contrary to previous malicious comments floating around the internet, saying that ‘she’s ugly’, ‘fat’, etc., the unveiling of her relatively pretty face has caused an explosive reaction among viewers and netizens.

After the show’s unveiling, Zia’s performance became the No. 1 search term on the internet. Her song “I Love You, I’m sorry” also gained immense popularity, especially from online downloads. Her album orders also dramatically increased to 1000 per day from a previous daily high record of 500-600 orders.

Rant: … and we still say that inner beauty is more important? hm…

Zia’s performance of “I Love You, I’m sorry”  @ Musicbank, credit to automonmon:

… and was I the only one who was staring at her face instead of paying attention to the song? 😛 She’s an amazing singer btw.