Kekeke… I’ve uploaded Hwang Bo and Shin Ae’s “Shocking Unveiling” on My Youtube Channel.

Due to some constructive criticism and also time constraints, I’ve quickly summarised + posted screencaps today πŸ™‚

more skinship!!

We don't need words: more Andy & Solbi skinship!!

Andy/Solbi and Crown J/Seo In Young (+ Don Don):

The Tale of Evil Don Don Unfolds –

True enough to the preview, evil Don Don makes his appearance when all four couples have to go on the group raft thingy (hehe it’s like a group wakeboarding raft). The worried girls are taunted by DD and he threatens to push them into the water but can’t with the protection of their husbands. But once the husbands are in the water, Solbi becomes the first victim shortly followed by In Young, who fails at revenge on Don Don. We see the protective sides of both Crown J and Andy as CJ gets really angry and Andy keeps Solbi close. DD is left in the dust (or rather water) alone after falling off the raft.

Watermelon time in the mountains and Evil DD starts throwing food in the water for fun? … Anyways Andy manages to retrieve most of them and also triumphs in net-fishing twice (first time fish slides out). As the couples venture into the water Don Don causes more trouble. DD becomes a wangta during Couple BBQ time but does a cute ‘Andy dance’ to celebrate Andy’s pro skills at cooking meat.

Really Quick Summary of Sitting Around the Fire: Don Don ranks the couples, 1. CJ/SIY 2. Andy/Solbi 3. HB/KHJ 4. Alex is not included. lol. Solbi reflects on her time spent on WGM with Andy. DD wants to cook both SIY and CJ but once again become protective of each other.

.. and the mars/venus division lol.

Superb Acting: .. and the mars/venus division lol.

Alex/Shinae and Hwang Bo/Hyun Joong:

The couples come back from the sailing trip, where Hwangjoong display their Techktonik dance style in contrast to the Alshin Waltz. Alex lends his shirt to Hyun Joong who just ‘happens’ to wear the same ‘couple tshirt’ as Hwang Bo!

The Ingenious Plan:

After getting some quality female/male bonding time, the girls decide to prank the guys by acting like they’re upset at eachother. The ‘real’ reason for them being angry is because Shinae didn’t give Hwangbo a high-five! lol. Alex comforts a crying Shinae (great actress) while Hyun Joong acts aegyo and also sides with Hwangbo to comfort her.

The Unveiling:

The guys are VERY surprised and a bit mad but calms down after the girls also act aegyo. hehe.

Fun with Fireworks:

Instead of describing, here’s a screenshot (BY THE WAY, does anyone know the music in the background when they’re running around with the sparklers?)

... is spectacular.

LOVE: ... is spectacular.

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Goodnight everyone, hope you enjoyed reading!