Part 1: Banana Boat

Andy - What are you doing?

Worried Solbi and Evil Don Don: Andy - What are you doing?

Keys: [text on screen], (additional description, my random comments) *location/action*

[Training for the Banana Boat]

Coach: Incline your body when the boat changes direction

[When turning right, starting from the first person onwards begin to turn to the right, the last person must turn in the opposite direction]

Don Don: Why am I the only one turning the opposite direction?

[Fierce Training!!!]

Seo In Young: No way, this isn’t the army..

Coach: This speed is very fast, there a chance you may end up jumping into the water

[Seo In Young afraid of the water]

** Andy putting on the life-jacket for Solbi

SIY: What is so fun about this, please carefully explain it to me!!

[Seo In Young refuses to participate]

DD: In Young ah, you are not going to do this even once since you’re here anyways?

SIY: I’m only here because I’m accompanying, if I die here then no one will know about it! First I went to Da Gyu (note: first train trip with CJ) and then I took the train again and came here!

DD: How long did you have a train ticket, didn’t it expire? Are you a public ambassador or what?

[On the side, Solbi is also…]

Andy: I’ll carry you like this (both hands in a hugging position) by your side.

[Speechless, Solbi only has a crying face expression]

(on the side, the ant couple plays with each other, DD threatens to push SIY into the water, making her even more mad)

Crown J: Why are you doing this, really? [Getting mad]

(Andy pats Solbi’s shoulder, encouraging her)

DD: Why do you look as if you’re about to die?

[Solbi’s Near-Death Expression]

Andy: Hyung, because of that, won’t Solbi feel dizzy?

Solbi: I’m really really scared!

(DD starts dragging Solbi’s arm)

A: What are you doing/Why are you doing this?

(SIY is happy after entering the water, Solbi: [anxious] [anxious])

A: If you go into the water, then what do you do? Just pull your life-jacket higher then it’s fine.

[Solbi is still anxious]

(Andy jumps in first, DD is behind Solbi)

[Solbi finally decides to go in, But]

DD: Hurry up and go in. (pushes Solbi)

(Andy quickly goes and hugs Solbi to make sure she’s okay)

S: (angry) Ahhhh! Oppa!!!

DD: These two are shooting a movie!

[DD practices the Banana Boat by himself] (but pushes SIY into the water)

[Angry Ant!!] CJ: Are you alright?

SIY: (to DD) You’re such a pig!!

[Solbi: glare, glare] (at DD)

(Andy puts the safety helmet on Solbi)

** In the water

(Solbi pats Andy)

S: Oppa you need to look after me!

Andy: En.

SIY: Unni, I can’t be like this ~

S: If even you don’t know what to do, then what am I supposed to do?

** Banana boat in full speed, cruising on the water

(The boat turns over! Andy immediately turns to protect Solbi)

(Andy hugs Solbi closely and swims towards the shore)

[Couples full of affection]

[DD is left alone by himself]

Translated by londony @ (please credit when using content)


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