Part 2: Mountain Vacation


In the mountains...: Two couples and the odd one out 😛

[Ansol, Ant Couple and Don Don trying to find the Ravine]

(Ansol keeps holding hands while walking)

[Not easy walking in the ravine]

A: How to walk in a place like this?

S: Oppa, this place is completely scary!!

DD: (jealous) Why is it scary? You’re holding hands!

[Affection, Affection]

(Solbi slightly slips when suddenly pulled, Andy smoothly hugs Solbi ❤ )

A: Wait a while, I’m be back soon.

[Solbi and SIY really waiting with anticipation]

DD: Why are you standing over here and looking?

S: I need to wait for oppa to return and then go over there!

DD: Are you joking?

S: You’re so annoying!

(DD hugs Andy when Andy comes back for Solbi – Helpless Solbi)

[Are you crazy, Hyung Don??]

(Andy carefully brings Solbi over)

Ant couple: Hurry up, hurry and come over here!

(DD immediately lies down again when the rug/blanket is laid down. SIY: There is a bug! DD immediately gets up MC: In Young ssi is too funny.)

** Andy cuts the watermelon (notice here he gives Solbi the larger piece and keeps the smaller one for himself… wow!)

DD: I don’t want to eat the watermelon. Do you know how to cut the watermelon?

[No matter what, Andy cuts the watermelon very well]

SIY: Wah just like omma’s hands… Andy omma!

DD thinking: Please, also give me a piece! But…

(Andy gives the piece to Solbi)

(DD flicks Andy’s melon seed onto his face)

DD: Saw that? Can you guys do this? How about if we compete for meal? (meaning loser pays or cooks)

A: I can cook our dinner!

S: Andy Oppa!!

DD: Why should you do it?

A: [of course] When we come out here, it’s supposed to be done by men anyways.

DD: You cook at home as well!

A: No, Solbi always cook at home.

DD: What cuisines does Solbi know how to cook? Be honest.

S: (indignant) Oppa~~

S: Even the kimchi was done by her mum…

A: (quickly interjects) Kimchi, Cabbage +meat, Honey Pear Juice, Eel… All very well done!

[Andy takes his wife’s side]

(DD suddenly throws the fruits)

[The fruits that were easily washed away by the current]

(Andy quickly collects)

S: Oppa, quickly come back!

(DD quickly gets the peach that eluded Andy’s reach)

[The acclaim of a lonely person]

** Net-fishing

Andy: Let’s go fishing?

DD: I don’t eat fish

[Net-fishing along the ravine]

(Andy holds Solbi’s hands, but suddenly DD also holds Andy’s hand!)

[Pleading since no one will hold my hand]

(Helpless laugh of Andy)

A: Hyung~

S: (jokingly) Oppa what are you doing?

[Maybe he is deprived of love?]

A: Hyung~ You are still a man afterall!

(Holding hands, Ansol walks onto the rock in the centre)

S: There are some fish here, right?

A: There should be some here.

DD: But it’s really deep here

Ahjumma: It’s not deep at all!

DD: But I can’t see the bottom!

Ahjumma: It’s only up to your stomach

CJ: Are there fish here?

Ahjumma: Of course

(Andy walks deeper into the stream)

[For a refreshing spicy fish soup, fishing now officially begins]

A: Orh, I have one, I have one!

S: Do you really have one Oppa?

A: I have one!

[Andy Omma completely into fishing]

CJ: Woo~ It’s cold man! Damn! Ooo it’s cold man!

S: King of exaggeration!

DD: King of exaggeration!

[Water fight begins]

[Andy Omma comes to the rescue]

SIY: Stop it!

DD: Stop man! I’m sorry man!

[Whilst here is Andy who only craves fishing]

S: Oppa, you’re not a fisherman!

[Andy Omma has caught a fish]

S: Has oppa caught a fish?

[Daughters worrying about Andy Omma]

A: I think I caught one

S: You really caught one! Wah, really!

[Group Shock]

SIY, Solbi: So great, so great!

CJ: Wow Andy really caught one!

DD: There are three! There are three!

[In the end, it’s still my husband who did it]

** Solbi’s confession:

There’s nothing that Andy oppa can’t do! He even caught the fish really well, just like that!

[Again sighing at her husband’s strength at fishing]

Fishes are not obedient, even though there were many.

[Solbi feels proud due to her husband’s strength]

So there is nothing that Andy’s Oppa can’t do, I have seen another new side to him.

[Group exclaims at Andy]

S: Our Oppa is the best!

[Even the hip-hop youth feels amazed]

(But when transferring the fish, it escapes!)

Andy’s howling: Ah….!!!! (lol… have to feel sorry for the guy)

(SIY yells at CJ, CJ yells at DD, DD yells at… no one! Lol)

[Andy once again caught another fish!]

(Solbi puts her hand on Andy’s back!)

(The group starts blaming DD!!)

(Everyone walks towards the deeper end of the stream to catch fish)

(Andy and Solbi holding onto eachother)

S: (cries out) Wah, it’s become deeper over here, what do I do?

(Ansol continues, walking very closely)

S: Is this okay?

(Contrary to the loving Ansol couple, the Ant couple are split on their decision to venture further. In the end, Crown J submits to In Young – as per usual, lol)

(Ansol continues their fun time catching fish)

Translated by: londony @ (please credit when using content)

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