Part 3: Couple BBQ + Don Don The Trouble-Maker

... and the lightbulb Hyung Don ssi...

The Love Nest:... and the lightbulb Hyung Don ssi...

** Ansol Couple Returns to their room

[Andy Omma who fished diligently]

S: How do you feel? Happy?

A: Happy. I’m also like Hyung Don hyung (lies on the couch)

S: (Solbi hits Andy’s leg). But today’s atmosphere is really amazing! ❤

S: Oppa looked really cool before~~~ ❤

A: When was that?

S: You can even catch fish this well.

[Harmonious Couple]

(On the other hand, Crown J’s massage for In Young is interrupted by the nosy DD)

** At the couple BBQ in front of the Ant couple’s parked trailer

A: But, really hyung you were too much (joking). We’re all together (pointing out wife/husband coupling)

SIY: Yeah, this was supposed to be a couples dinner.

[Hyung Don being forced]

S: Yep, that’s right!

DD: Wait a minute, wait.

CJ: Hyung, the way you’re holding the soju bottle and being angry doesn’t look too good!

[Distant Couples…]

A: (carefully) Hyung, just put that down!

DD: What am I? (waves bottle)

A: Have a look!

S: Really scary!

(Ant quickly pulls SIY behind him)

(Andy also blocks Solbi)

[Suddenly shocked Ansol couple]

S: Oppa, you can’t be like this!

[The situation is out of hand, holding the bottle upside down]

DD: (mad) I also have self-respect, I understand now.

[DD angrily walks off

A: Hyung, walk slowly! (note: this is a polite way to say goodbye)

S: Oppa, today was really fun!

[In the end the couples start to worry about DD]

A: Hyung, quickly come over!

S: Oppa is not eating the meat? It’s BBQ ah!

[Hyung Don doesn’t even turn back… only to walk into…Andy’s house?]

Andy: (excited) He’s not angry, not angry! He’s probably lying on the couch again

[Just like Andy said…]

[Couple and Couple start to prepare dinner between themselves]

S: Is there water inside the trailer?

SIY: Yep

(Solbi goes into the car to get water)

MC: Helping her husband like that – it’s only Solbi and no one else

(DD waiting for someone to call him to dinner inside Ansol’s house)

** Andy firing up the hot coals for the BBQ

MC: Really there is nothing that Andy can’t do, Really!

A: This is the top grade fillet meat!

A: (to S) You can sit down now! Rice? Solbi, where’s the rice?

Solbi: It’s being cooked!

(CJ goes to get DD for dinner)

(DD does his ‘Andy Dance’ after tasting the delicious meat)

SIY: You’ve only ate a piece of meat and you’re already happy like this!


DD:  what are we celebrating?

Couples: For mutually happy families, cheers!!

DD: I don’t have a family!?

MC: Today Solbi is not drinking soju!

(Andy Omma continues cooking meat)

S: Oppa, Ahh~~ (feeds Andy meat) [affectionate]

[Jealous Don Don]

DD: CJ, you… (But over here CJ is also feeding SIY soup)

DD: Are you being fed syrup? (Ant couple laughs)

[A feeling of being distant…]

DD: I’ll sing a song!

SIY: Oppa you can sing it!

(HERE ANDY WHISPERS INTO SOLBI’S EAR! Something like: … this is really good.)

(Singing DD, couples feeling indifferent)

[Support due to obligation, just treating it as background music]

Translated by: londony @ (please credit when using content)

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