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Song of the Day: New Soul – Yael Naim [Download Here]

(played during scene of Alshin bathroom scene – catchy song!)

Boat Dance Display and Shinae Blowdrying Alex's Hair (Credits: Luv @ Soompi)

SA : Now your turn
Alex : Turn~
SA : (referring to Hwang Bo) Onni is out
(Shows Hwang Bo “vomitting” out the sea with Hyun Joong patting her back)
Alex : (to HyunBo) Excuse me~You cannot do that here.
HB : It’s just that I was watching a movie that nearly made me throw up.
Alex : Who’s movie was that?
HB : Oh I have no idea but it was a movie of somebody dancing
Shin Ae : Onni, dance too.
Alex : Yes, let’s see Hwang Bo’s dance.

HJ : Wife, there is that thing right. Was it techatonic or technation.
Alex : it techatonic of techanation?
HB : Okay~ We’ll do it our style husband!
HJ : Ah, this kind of music is your style?
(HB dances funnily to the music)

Don Don : I suddenly feel that the yacht is going wasted.

HJ : Wife why are you holding on to the pole?!?!
(pulls Hwang Bo)
HJ : Don’t hold onto the pole!
(both of them dances funny – techtonic style, while AlShin looks on with a “That’s New!” exclamation)
HJ: Look at that. The yacht is shaking!
HB : WOAH!! THAT WAS COOL! How did you do that?
HJ : Music, Im crazy today!
HJ : Ouu..So tired.
Alex : Come lay here
HB : Oh..I really want to lay down. So tired.
Shin Ae : (smacks HB’s butt)
HB : I think I’m becoming like Hyung Don.
Shin Ae : (pulls Hwang Bo to the room with one hand)
HB : You are no doubt monster Shin Ae!
(Alex vs Hyun Joon’s room)
Alex : Oh really. Got to change my clothes really. (gets up)

(HB/SA room)
HB : Alex has leadership. Actually Hyun Joon is the leader of his group, and I was the leader of my group but we don’t have leadership at all!
HB : Alkaki (Alex’s new nickname?) really has leadership.

(shows a scene of HJ folding origami for Hwang Bo)

(Alex all changed, walks into the girl’s room)

Host : Went to see his wife~

(Alex peeks into the room)

HB : (exclaims) OOOH! Omo that Tshirt.
Alex : (looks at T) Why?
HB : This shouldn’t be it. I brought the same Tshirt!
SA : Really?

Alex : I was wearing that but she brought EXACTLY the same thing!

HB : Can’t you take it off for m
Alex : This? Well I’ll give it to…(walks off the HJ)
HB : Oh dont! He doesn’t like couple T’s!
Alex : Oh wear it(insist to give it to HJ)
HB : (keeps pulling Alex back)
Shin Ae : No..he should wear it at these times!
(The boys room)

Alex : Hyun Joon, do you have short pants?
HJ : Me?
Alex : Yeah, do you have something free and easy?
HJ : (opens closet)
Alex : (picks) Could you please borrow me this? This Tshirt is kind of big..You wear this okay.

Alex : Haha Hyun Joon was like “Why do I have to wear it?”

(HJ already changed)

Alex : (walks in room) Hey, Hwang Bo was looking for you a moment ago.
HJ : Really?
Alex : Yeah

(shows a scene of Hwang Bo and Shin Ae heading to the boy’s room wt Hwang Bo hugging Shin Ae from the back trying to hide)

HB : I was so scared I thought I was going to die!
DonDon : Hyun Joong knows nothing about it right?

SA : (see HJ) Omo~ such a nice T!
HJ : Why?
(HB continues to hide and accidentally pulls SA’s hair)
HJ : (persists) Why?
HB : I confess my mistake!

(The Alsun couple who lent a big hand)

HB : Sorry!
Alex : (brushing teeth) Hyun Joong ah~ It’s not done on purpose. It’s just that I was wearing it and and went to Shin Ae’s room and she was wearing it.
HB : I wasn’t wearing it, you came in and i said I have the same Tshirt! He was insisting on putting it on when I was totally fine about it
Alex : (to HB)Whats with your expression!
HJ : It’s exactly the same
Alex : This is men’s this is the lady’s.
HJ : Well this is actually fine. Since it isn’t childish.
HJ : And it doesnt have a mouse printed on it.
HB : Well it’s all fine~
Alex : Hyun Joon I havent wore that so don’t reform it like how you did!

(a scene where HJ gives HB all his promised presents from Japan)

(Girls room)

Alex : Is this bag yours?
HB : Yeah
Alex : The phones ringing
HB : Who could it be
Alex : It’s a man!

(Hwang Bo passes the phone to HJ only to find out its her mother and he instantly passes back to her)

Shin Ae : Alsun-a~~
Alex : Eooo
Shin Ae : Come here in 5 seconds! One, Two, Three, Four..

(Alex sits on sinktable and Shin Ae start applying cream on his face)

(Hyun Joon on the phone with HB’s mother)

(Shin Ae hairdries Alex’s hair)

Host : Do you do that Park Myeong Soo?

(scene of Alshin) **(I’ll do well in future)**

HB : Let’s go!
HJ : Where to?
Hb : Learning by observation.
(brings HJ to bathroom)
**(the beautiful couple)**

(after observation)
HB : Rest well (copying what HJ said to her mother)
(Alex and Shin Ae look at each other and speak through their eyes!!)
HJ : You’re saying that such scene is nice to look at?
HB : Isn’t it?
HJ : Yeah it is.
HJ : Should I do your hair? biggrin.gif
(HB hesitates but Hj still messaged her neck anyway)
(Goes to buy grocery)
Alex : We’ll be right back (hi five’s Shin Ae naturally)
HB : (looks) Really, you guys look very warm. Talking to each other each time you see each other.

Alex : You know, Hwang Bo, when I suggested that she wore the T, she was alright about it at first but at the end she kept pulling me and telling me how much her husband hates couple T’s and stuff like that.

Hwang Bo : You know when they’re gone they’d be talking about us
Hwang Bo : Uhm, the good points of the husband..This is his positive point. (refers to Alex)
SA: Me? He prepares everything for me.
HB : (jealous once again) Yeah.
SA: He prepares things that I couldn’t even think of
HB : Then his weak points. Not that you hate it but…
SA : It’s that he prepares too well. Although I mentioned that I will look after him well but it’s that feeling that makes you feel that myself is lacking of something. So I feel sorry for him as well.
SA : (refers to HJ) Positive points?
HB : if there are no worries, being bright.
SA : Then what about something that you’d be happy if he changed?
HB : Him being bright. His positive points, are also his negative points.
SA : It’s like that with me as well.
HB: YES! it like positive points are negative points and..
SA : Yeah it happens

Don Don : Shin Ae-ssi…is really good at the position of sofa lying.

HB : We have to know how much we lack..
SA : We won’t know about that~
HB : Isnt’ there a way to know?
SA : A way to know?

(Husbands at grocery store buying ingredients for dinner)

(Wives who are curious about their husband’s love)

SA : Then, onni and me..let’s pretend to have an argument and have a look at the inside of these people, their actions and etc.
SA : See on who’s side would the husband’s be on..
Alex : Realy these two are overdoing it

HB : I don’t have the confidence.
SA : Then, we have to have a reason to be in an argument
HB : Let’s pretend like the reason isn’t important
HB : Let’s do it like this. We sit on the sofa and look elsewhere from each other. Not looking and not talking, trying to create a weird atmosphere
SA : Its so funny I don’t think I can do it!!
HB : With these big eyes (something something)
HB : HWAITING! (tries to high 5 Shin Ae)
SA : (misses HB’s hand in purpose)
HB : No, I’m mad now (getting ready)
SA : (tags along) You get mad at things like these?!
HB : What? You have other things to play with. Why couldn’t you slap on my hands?

Luv @ Soompi)

Michievous Sisters: The Plan and The Beginning... (Credit: Luv @ Soompi)

Alex : Did these two start acting from that moment?!
(Husbands who don’t know anything)

Alex : Well we didnt know what was going to happen so we actually complimented them when we were out!

Alex : Just now, even when we were at the beach, even when we were fishing, Hwang Bo really cared for you
HJ : Well, I know she cares for me but I’m not a person who could express well…
Alex : Yeah things could get like that. What about my wife, my wife. w00t.gif
HJ : Actually, we’re kind of unfamiliar to each other still but…I dont know..her stares are.. scary.
Alex : Really?
HJ : Yeah, shes a cat’s stare. If I look properly, I cannot stare straight at her.
Alex : Really?
HJ : Her eyes are huge and it’s like its catching you
Alex : Yeah her eyes are big right. But me, I didnt know that we were going to be paired up with you but thank you.
HJ : Oh me too. It’s very seldom that I speak this much/
Alex : (smiles) Shin Ae…treat me REALLY REALLY well today. Through my opinion, I think she received some “push” from Hwang Bo. After seeing how Hwang Bo treats you. Thats why when I see Hwang Bo now I am so thankful.

(Husbands arrive home)

Don Don : They’re here They’re here!

Shin Ae : (big eyes) They’re here!

Husbands : We’re home
Alex : (notices) Did you guys have an argument (jokingly)
Shin Ae : What did you buy?
Alex : Delicious food of course!
Alex : (looks) *pokes Shin Ae)

HJ : Whats up? Are you sick?
Alex : What up with the atmosphere? Come on, let’s take a deep breath.
(the atmosphere remains cold)
HJ : Whats up?
(Hwang Bo enters the room without a word
HJ : (What made her turn like this?)

Alex : Why, did something happen?
Shin Ae : (couldnt look straight into his eyes in fear of laughing)
Alex : Did something happen?
SA : No nothing..
(referring to Hwang Bo : Serious Here As Well)

HJ : What happened?
HB : Im going crazy…this is..
HJ : What happened?
HB : If I could, I wouldnt want this to happen but..I dont know how to deal with this is..I..going crazy
HJ : Why
Hb : Nothing just leave the room first, Ill get out soon

Alex : What happened?
HB : She did me wrong
Alex : What?
HB : Ask her, what did she say.

(Alex walks out in time to stop Shin Ae who was walking in and sits her on the sofa)

Alex : Did anything happen?
SA : Nothing special happened
Alex : **How can I solve this**
SA :Frankly…
Alex : Mm (cleans her mouth)

SA : I wanted to give a reason but I didnt have one!
Alex : Im asking you if THAT expression was an expression without a reason!!
(Girls room)
HJ : Whats up? (looks at reflection of wife at the window)
HB : Not even coming and..just..she just did a mistake
HJ : What mistake?
HB : It was supposed to be a joke but…i think it gone abit too far.
HJ : What was it about?
HB : About me and you


HJ : What was it?
HB : I don’t want too say it through my mouth
(Shin Ae walks into the room, Alex follows)
Alex : We don’t know whats happening, whats up??
HJ : (to HB) Look at the face and talk
SA : Onni I dont know what kind of mistake did I do, I’m younger that you..and if I said something wrong, you should tell me that I shouldnt be saying this or that…wouldn’t it be alright by then?
HB : Even if I dont say it you should know
SA : It’s because I dont know that Im asking
HB : Saying that you dont know, it proves even more that you have no mannerisms. If you dont know then what do I have left to say.
Alex : Its because she doesnt know, she doesnt know what mistake she did
HB : Thats why, if she doesnt know that it proves she’s lack of mannerisms. Thats too much.
Alex : Well theres a possibilty that she doesnt know really.

HB : (speaks too fast for me to get) Frankly…
SA : Thats why Im asking you to tell me what I did wrong.
HB : If I tell you?
SA : If you tell me I will be able to apologize!
HB : I dont understand why you dont know
SA : Thats why I’m telling you that I dont know so..
HB : But thats a serious thing and you telling me that dyou dont know I really dont understand, Yu Sin ssi? (?!)
Alex : Thats why, theres a big possibilty that she didnt know that you would get hurt.
HB : (to Alex)So you knew what she said so thats why you’re like this?
Alex : What did she say
HB : There is no need to hear it again
Alex : Thats why Im asking you to tell me what Shin Ae said.
HB : Then ask her. What did she say
Alex : She doesnt know what did she do to make you this mad, thats what im saying.
HB : You need her to tell you, I couldnt just tell you she did it like that or something.
Shin Ae : I said “Let’s Stop Doing This”. (I wonder if it means lets stop WGM)
Alex : (big shock)

Luv @ Soompi)

Boiling Point: Couple Trouble (Credit: Luv @ Soompi)

Alex : Im saying she doesnt know what she did wrong so
HB : Its not a character of her that you know
Alex : Aii..what did she say?
HB : (mumbles to fast for me to understand)
Alex : Shes not someone with no thoughts.
HB : She HAD NO THOUGHTS. I dont think she had because if she did she wouldn’t have done that
Alex : Thats why the whole story need to e..
HB : So what do you want me to do? Act it out for you then you’ll be happy?
HB : (starts crying act…)………………………..(a failed crying act)
HB : She had no manners. I could not understand why is she like that
Alex : Tell me what happened/
HB : Its okay I will get over this soon. Since htere is nothing left that I could do
Alex: (looks) (to HJ : settle this) (walks out)

(Alex looks for Shin Ae who was drinking)

Solbi : alex is trying very har

Shin Ae : (walks away)
Alex : (holds on to Shin Ae)
Alex : Look, about what she said, you having had no manners and no thoughts and all..I don’t think the same. Okay?
Alex : Go to her, and have a conversation. I dont know whats going and what happened. Even Hyun Joon is shocked.

(Goes back to HJ and HB. Nothing much just him asking her what happened again and again. and one part comes where he opens his ears to tell HB that he listens. From here HB is laughing)

HJ : Its good that you’re laughing. My ears are always open. “OPEN EAR”
HB : I’m feeling better.
HJ : Yeah feelling better right
HB : Since I’m the elder one, I should be like this right
HJ : *thinks* No..even if you’re the elder one you shouldnt hold it within yourself. Even a grandfather makes a mistake it is the grandfather that makes the mistake the mistake belongs to the grandfather as well

HB : Take a deep breath
HB : (preparing to walk out) What if I cannot smile?
HJ : Dont smile then

(walks out)

HB : (to Alex) Oppa, sorry. Oppa, sorry sorry. It seems like I misunderstood
SA : (suddenly gets to into it and cries)
HB : Shin Ae, I think I misunderstood.
(Shin Ae walks away with tears into the bathroom)
(Alex who is really getting tricked well!)

HB : Shin Ae open the door
Alex : (Takes her away)

HB : Im going crazy
HB : I hate that the most. I hate crying the most. If you cry its the end right
HJ : Yeah.
HB : (mumbles fast)
HJ : Its only the difference of someone who has tears and someone who doesnt
HB : I have alot of tears!

Alex : (while they were having above conversation) (Sits outside bathroom waiting for Shin Ae)

HB : No, why is she crying? I knew it would turn out like that
HJ : No..just dont fight.

(At this moment, Shin Ae opens the door)
(Alex pushes her in again to calm her down)
SA : I went to the bathroom but the moment I got it the tears stopped instantly!!

Alex : Did you do something wrong? No right? Then why did you cry?
SA : No, its just that the tears just..(walks away)
Alex : (holds back again) Come here, HB is having her talk there. Did you do anything wrong? (hands tissue)
SA : I’m alright

Don Don : (refers to Hwang Bo) She’s going shes going!

HJ : Where are you going?
HB : I cant just be sitting here she is doing that over there.

HB : (looks at SA) YOU….To me…YOU DIDNT GIVE ME A HIGH FIVE!!!
SA : (runs away laughing)

HJ : (looks and nods)
Alex : Isn’t that crazy?
HJ : Its not the tears issue, its now the issue between a singer and an actress

Alex : I was totally shocked
SA : Alex was really mad!

Alex : You know, I was just this close to speak foul.
Alex : OMG they’re like psycho’s
HJ : I think I will have the thought of divorcing
HB : (throws pillow) How can you even think of that!
HJ : Just a joke just a joke

(Alex drags HJ into the room)

SA : Alex really got mad
HB : Yeah he was mad

Intervew Room

Alex : I was really shocked..with SA going into the bathroom crying….but suddnely HB came and pinched her. and said “Dont know you know why? You didnt give me the high 5!”. I was really shocked. was fun. I welcome that kind of situation anytime. I should do it next time.

HJ : Well being tricked once, when it happens for real again id just think of it as a prank. I hope this doesnt happen again.

HB : I was shocked because he was always on my side because I never expected him to be at my side for that long at all

SA : I expected Alex to be very logical but instead, he was on my side all along with such style. I really liked that”

(Out at night)

Alex : (checks HB’s bag) Whats this mosquito repellant.
HB : There are alot of mosquitos!

(takes out the fireworks)
(AlShin cuople whos already playing)
(JoongBo couple still setting up)

HB : (as soon as it lights up) Through the name of friendship would you be able to forgive!!!!!

Alex : It (fireworks)as ended

(Alex and HJ lights up fireworks on the sand)

HB : This is a stage!
Alex : This is an event!
(fireworks end)

(another set of fireworks)
Alex : I will put this up and HJ will put this up.
Alex : (to Shin Ae) You and Hwang Bo will put this up.

Alex : (to Shin Ae) Light this up, the one next to it
(lights up)

HB : (dances to techtonic under the fireworks)

(Under the fireworks…..)
(focus on HB dancing alone)


(focus on Alshin : The stare of children)

(THe fireworkds didnt go for long)

HB : Is this the end?
SA : That quickly?
HB : Let’s do this
HJ : Are you doing a business!

(alex lights up fireworks)
Alex : Now..two of you back off. (to HB and HJ only)
Alex : Now this should be beautiful right
HB : Im alright even if it isnt beautiful I just want it to go on for long
Ale x : This represents Hwang Bo’s heart
HB : Then it has to be beautiful

(lights up)
(pops a little by little)

Alex : Is this a heart problem??

(lights up)

Alex : (at the end) End?
HB : What is this
SA : Im going crazy!
HJ : Wife What did you buy!!
SA : What happen

HB : (gives out fireworks) You know how to do this right
HJ : Should we make L.O.V.E
HB : I will do O. You know how to do this right.
Alex : How do I make the E?
HJ : Just do it in the shape of 3.
SA : In shape of this
Alex : 3

... is spectacular.

LOVE: ... is spectacular.

HB : We’re at it!
All : Start,
Alex : (at lame gestures) What is thsi!
HB :Just turn it quickly and it’ll be obvious
SA : Really?

Don Don : HB is turning it really quickly

(Shin Ae whos most happy runs around)

HB : LOOK AT THAT! The mighty girl comes by!
Alex : Mighty girl mighty girl (It’s either might girl or storehouse girl??)

Shin Ae : (continues running around) If someone runs like this, isnt it right for at least ONE PERSON to run together?
Alex : We’re circling we’re circling!

Interview room

SA : I really liked it and I feel like it I was enlightened. the moment the beach was at sight, I was excited and did alot of embarassing things but it was as if my heart just floated and I felt happiness.

Alex : Well today. We have been through new things. Shin Ae herself was a whole new feeling to me. She was never laughing as much as she did today and even ran around in circles and said “Shouldnt someone be following me when im turning around in circles like this?” . Well, normally I am the one who say such things!! I’m looking forward to next week

(back to Alshin)

(walk along the beach)

Alex : Let’s sit here.
Alex : When were here in the morning, we were doubting oursevles if it really turns out to be this couple right but it was better than expectation
SA : Yeah, me too. I think we mixed well.
(HyunBo scene)
(Hyun Joon sends Hwang Bo to take out the rubbish by herself and prepares a small event)

HyunJoon : (draws circles in sand)

Alex : It’ll be hard to find it
Host : What is it?
Host : An event that is not understandable..

HB : (throws rubbish) ~It was a lonely night. Such a lonely night
Host : HB is so scary!
HJ : (buries the paper cranes)
HB : (walks back)

HJ : Where did you go?
HB : I went to throw the rubbish!
HJ : Aaa..I forgot. What kind of rubbish did you buy again!
HJ : It’s just a joke

HJ : I have a present prepared for you. It’s not something I bought but I brought it along with me yesterday
HB : Haha at the rubbish bin? (thinks) But didn’t you already give me? The three pieces.
HJ : You see that?
HB : Ah that. Now I see it
HJ : It’s really widely drawn
HB : Ah its circling us
HJ : Yes. And under the sand, there are 5 buried under.
HJ : Look for it

HB : (looks) Under here? I have to dig these up right.
HJ : Yes.
HB : Five? But this is so wide!
HJ : Oh…I thought big. There are signs.
HB : (kicks sand)
HJ : Oh my the signs.
(The husband helps out)

HJ : Its not here?
HB : No? What is it? (feels sand) OH! OH!! (finds one) Is this it? No way?
HJ : I will have something better in the future!!
HB : But is this really it?? Not what the children threw on the sand?
HB : (keeps successfully finding until the fourth)
HB : So is there only one left?
HJ : Yeah. HINT. This has no signs. It was close with our body.
HB : (searches) FOUND IT
HJ : Right?
HB : Okay now what do we have to do? I found all 5, what do we have to do?
HJ : This…well, if you compile 1000 cranes your love will become true. There are 5, and there was one soaked in the water so it’s now inexistant. So the remaining ones.
HB : 994..?
HJ : That will be left for the future!
HJ : The next time I plan to hide it somewhere harder!
HJ : For the next 994 days I will treat you well
HB : Then what about the 995th day?
HJ : Then by then….i should make turtles.

HB : In future, diamonds..rings..I dont expect them at all. I only want him to smile, and to make me smile. thats the most important. With these two elements, quarrels and seperations wouldnt exist

(back to Alshin sitting on the beach)

Alex : Aa this is great..its been a long time since i went on a vacation
SA : Me too
Alex : Just like today, just like today
SA : What about today?
Alex : The good and the bad things, just do it for today
SA : You’re telling me not to do secret camera again? (the prank)

Alex : Now, todays highlight.

Don Don : A Kiss?? (Bobohagoshipso)

(Alex draws on his fingers)
SA : Whats that

Alshin Style

Beach Romance: Alshin Style

SA : He didnt let me see what he was drawing.

Alex : (looks at fingers) **Finishing**
Alex : Now, (index finger) Without oppa, when Shin Ae is alone, no matter what happens, don’t frown
SA : kekekeke
Alex : This is funny, stay still, this is funny
Alex : Now, (shows another finger)  When you’re sad or depressed, don’t frown.
Alex : Now theres already two
Alex : Now, When you meet me face to face, spend time happily.
SA : (points to) Is this oppa?
Alex : Yes
Alex : Now, (final one) Now promise oppa that we will live like today. Isn’t this fun.This is funny/
SA : (connects her little finger and when she is about to chop her thumb (the way Koreans do their promises)..she sees Alex’s thumb.
Alex : (ALEX ❤ Shin Ae)
SA : Ya..the highlight.
Alex : (shines the torchlight)
SA : (pushes away torchlight)
SA : This is fun
Alex : You made a promise
SA : (nods)


(Alex swipes the sand infront of Shin Ae)

Alex : (thinks) (writes HAND on sand)
Shin Ae : (looks) (looks at Alex)
Alex : (offers hand waiting for SA to put hers)
SA : (Pretends to now know what he means and plays with him. Finally puts her hands on)
Alex : (Holds her hands)
Sa : (Pretends to know by now)

(Its been a long time since the two felt each others warmth)

SA : After we got back together, it felt like being close again was going to be a hard thing. And it was because I w as holding hard to the sadness. The last day was the day we went to the garden and today definitely felt like that day. We were able to sit next to each other without feeling anything, didnt care about what happened, what they said, So starting from now..I feel like I am able to do it.