... closer to you

Baby Love: ... closer to you

Family expansion is on the table for MBC’s Sunday night variety show, “We Got Married”. From the interactions of the four couples, viewers have gained a greater understanding of the modern dating and marriage methods. But the production team’s aim is to present a more realistic understanding from the show’s fun and enjoyable basis.

MBC’s variety chief, An Woo Jung told, “Ministry of Health & Welfare and Family has requested us to help promote the childbirth”. A representative of Ministry of Health & Welfare and Family has explained that they are discussing with WGM producers to look for a way to promote childbirth. One possible way is to assign a child to each WGM couple.

From the next episode, more family expansion activities heads off to a start with Solbi’s entire family visiting their home, including her parents and sister.

Meanwhile, regarding the inconsistent runtime of the studio part in each week, Chief An said “It’s only been 5 months since WGM first started. That’s just a part of the process of making more stable program, the expansion plan has been in discussion from two months ago.”
He also added, “Soon, there will be a big change in WGM”.

Source: Koreansubutd with additions by londony @ londonface.wordpress.com

Rant: Change??? Can’t wait! Everyone has kind of reached equilibrium, even Joongbo, so it would be very exciting to throw in something unexpected i.e. a kid! 😀

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Cute BoBo: Hagoshipso!

... the baby's not crying!

Solbi Omma!: ... the baby's not crying!

Age 5 and 3 (hehe wishful thinking)

Ansol Kids: Age 5 and 3 (hehe wishful thinking)