... and others cut off?

One Perfect Moment: ... and others cut off?

(my favorite scene out of the entire episode!)

… as expected, they cut off Alex/Shinae’s more intimate interactions AGAIN, apparently this is what went on that we DIDN’T get to see:

Scene : After The Unveiling of Hwang Bo/Shin Ae’s Trick

After learning about the wives’ trick, Alex is mad and silently prepares their dinner. Shinae knows he’s angry and goes to console him, following him around and saying “Oppa, don’t be angry, oppa~” Alex turned around and pinched the sides of Shinae’s face (wah I want to see this — kyo kyo!).

Aftewards Shinae continued to calm Alex down, saying “Oppa, let me help, I can do it well~~” But Alex continued to prepare everything by himself.

** Updated (thanks to alshinfan): So Alex took off his wrist watch, put it on Shinae and sat her down in a kitchen chair, saying to her, “Just sit over here.”

Since Shinae sat there for the remaining time, she was looking at Alex constantly. ❤

Rant: … annoying PDs! Maybe we’ll get these scenes as a part of “Special Features” if a WGM DVD ever comes out? lol 😀