... feeling a bit ignored

The Legend: ... feeling a bit ignored?

The 1990s K-Pop Culture icon Seo Tae Ji made his return to the music scene on MBC’s “Seo Tae Ji Comeback Special” on August 6th at 11:05PM. However the success of his comeback is questioned after the program received relatively low ratings in its timeslot, only taking 9.6% of the Korean national total. However these figures were explained by official MBC representatives as due to the time slot the show was organised to, also saying that the reports of Tae Ji’s other future TV appearances are not yet confirmed.

The show itself included interviews between the popular actor Lee Jun Ki and the man himself. For example, Seo Tae Ji’s new song “mo-ah-I” (mo child) was played while he smiled and said, “I live in Seoul” as well as,”I don’t have enough time to spend with my parents…” with a sad expression along with other pleasant and truthful images were revealed. Also, it seemed like Lee Jun Ki and Seo Tae Ji started out awkward in the beginning, but as time went by they gradually became closer.

Tae Ji disappeared on January 31, 1996 after holding a press conference at the National Seoul University. He will hold his first nation-wide tour near of end of 2008.

Credit: londony @ londonface.wordpress.com

Rant: What? Ignored? pffft… Anyways his new single “Mo-ah” is out, along with the music video and a live performance (credit to automonmon):

Music Video [Download The Single Here]

Live Performance

The comeback special is also uploaded on automonmon‘s channel.