Hi everyone, I realise I’ve been inactive for most of this week — blame it on the engineering takeover of my life T_T… If you’re thinking about what being an engineering student is all about, just think piles of lecture notes, tutorials, calculations, and WORST OF ALL…. simultaneous group projects!!!

"Aza Aza Hwaiting!"

Caption: "Aza Aza Hwaiting!"

I haven’t forgotten about WGM, Anbi, Alshin, or any other K-Pop news – it’s just that I’ve been under a pile of work so I didn’t have time to upload and sub everything YET. So here is a quick status update:

Subbing Projects:

Solbi’s Yeoyumanman: this has already been subbed by boosaysharingiscaring, who is AWESOME since their channel has all the latest star golden bell and other recent k-variety shows! Highly Recommended! – thanks to zaza (who is great as usual) who told me about this 🙂

Andy and Solbi’s Interviews from Charity Shoot: I’ll be subbing these this weekend, if you know anyone else who is subbing or already subbed please do tell me so I’ll coordinate my subbing efforts (it’s very, very time consuming) – thanks to icha for all the helpful vid links and also venelse 😉

Andy’s Manwon Happiness: I’m already translating and will be working with the wonderful Palm who has agreed to sub/time these for me – you rock! I’ll prob be finishing the translation in the coming week (if I don’t get squashed by my pile-o-work)

Translation Projects/We Got Married:


The Epi Summary will come out on Sunday night and the Anbi translations will be done by me on the following Monday/Tuesday. Joongbo and Alshin Translation will depend on other translators, mainly from Soompi, and obviously all credits for their subs go to them!

Phew… long post 😛

Please wait patiently and for me to triumph over the engineering take-over lol.

Song of the Day: Password 486 – Younha  [Download Here]

(.. the artist who collaborated with Epik High on their epic single “Umbrella”, her own style of songs are more catchy and upbeat, recommended!)