... for Solbi!

Anseobang Hard at Work: ... for Solbi!

Need a WGM update in its long absence? Here is the preview translation for ALL COUPLES, something we can all look forward to! 🙂

ANDY♡SOLBI: Dear Mother-in-law, Happy Birthday!!

After being married, the first family activity – the Ansol couple who forgot Solbi’s mum’s birthday~ With a guilty heart, the couple starts planning for a Surprise Party!

The ‘she’ who is even stronger than Solbi – Solbi’s Older Sister – will Andy’s first meeting with her be successful? Will his mother-in-law be satisfied with the surprise party the Ansol couple prepared?

Alex♡Shinae: Romantic Days for the re-newed Alshin Couple!!

The Alshin couple returns to daily life from their beautiful holiday and wants to ease their fatigue, but the house chores have stacked up to mountains!!

Working as one, the Alshin couple starts to clean their house! Can their sweet daily life be maintained after becoming closer on their holiday?

Hwangbo♡Hyun Joong: We also reached our 100 days! An unforgettable lettuce wedding album!!!

The lettuce couple also welcomes their married 100th day!

Reminiscing on the 100 days of married life, they’ve decided to take a lettuce wedding album! The young-groom is no longer a child! The young groom makes Hwangbo’s close friend envious – who exactly is this friend who is nervous because of the young groom??

Crown J ♡Seo In Young: Today I’m my wife’s manager! The Ant’s dramatic transformation out of love for his wife!

To support his wife’s new album, the Ant groom makes his appearance on stage~~ To finally bobo my wife, I’ll become her manager for the day!

From dawn, the Ant groom personally preparing gifts and starting to publicise her wife’s new album! What is exactly the intricately prepared “A! Style Publicity Strategy”??


All translated by londony @ londonface.wordpress.com (please credit when using content)

Rant: Can’t wait!!! ..It all sounds so fantastic! 🙂

Anbi – I think their surprise party will be a smashing success!

Alshin – more romance/fun as they become even more mushy – possibly surpassing Anbi?

Joongbo – … the friend sounds like a guy! Junjin??? lolll 😛

JYoung – Bobo??? wooo!

so far I’ve asked around and it seems WGM will be off for another week due to the Sunday closing ceremony for the Olympics.. aish.