Another important account suspended… roseltv has been suspended from youtube, along with all the WGM subbings by Koreansubutd and other great MVs 😦  New youtube account at: roseltv89

I’ve been getting many msgs asking whether I’ll sub WGM, and so on, here’s my reply:

I really am quite pushed for time these days, so will try my best to provide summaries for each WGM episode and also a very detailed translation for the Andy & Solbi couple here on my blog (soon after it is aired).

These translations can then be used by the Anbiholics Subbing team to sub the Anbi parts.

So I will NOT be subbing WGM episodes unless there no one is subbing the Andy & Solbi parts or if there’s a scene that’s really fantastic e.g. Alshin Beach Scene.

For the other couples, detailed translations will probably be done by other translators (and shared here on my blog if possible and also credited). For the overall episode, Korean Subutd subs it but so far don’t know whether anyone will upload it on youtube – I’ll keep everyone updated when I receive any news.

For more info on other subbing projects I have, please see this post: [Reflection] The Engineering Takeover

Oh yeah and I forgot to say yesterday: Have a great week everyone!! 🙂 lol

Alshin Love!! The previously unleased bobo photo <3

Alshin Love!! The previously unleased bobo photo ❤