and the answer is…

… the Andy & Solbi couple!!!

News Article:

“Meteor Rain” 100 Stars join large-scale Charity Program, Go!

A charity concert on the 28th Of October at Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul for the University of Seoul’s Children Hospital. To inspire renewed hope for the previous lives of all children, the even is entitled “Meteor Rain Charity Music Concert’.

Other stars appearing in the concert include:

SS501,Wondergirls,Jewlery,BADA,V.O.S,Brown Eye Girls,Yurisangja,Drunken Tiger,Lee Jung,DynamicDuo

Article Translation Credit also to: Bern! (coffinhouse) @ Soompi 🙂

Rant: Awesome! … and by the way in their interviews they were saying how they wanted to appear in more charity events!!! Fated (or maybe manager-arranged) but anyways I’m going with fated!!!

Duet anyone??