Ran out of time this week, but here is a brief summary of the couples:

MISSION THIS WEEK (except Joongbo): To Relax After The Holidays

Andy and Solbi

Solbi's attempt at ties and the surprise appearance by Solbi's mum!

Intimacy: Solbi's attempt at Andy's tie and her mum's surprise appearance! (Credit: Steff - thanks for the great caps!)

It’s Solbi’s mum’s birthday on the 9th! The Ansol couple gets busy planning presents and a surprise party and the whole family arrives (Dad, Mum, and Unni) and embarrasses Solbi with her photo from younger days, lol 😛 Andy looks super super nervous while this is all happening, lol. They go to the restaurant and Andy goes out of his way to surprise his mother-in-law with a cake while singing ‘Happy Birthday’ at the same time – how sweet! (Sneak Preview: Alex is called in to surprise Solbi’s mum for the next epi! Solbi’s dad gets a bit cranky tho at the mention of Alex lol)

Alex and Shinae

Enjoyment: Carwash Fun and Getting Closer to You (credits to Luv from Soompi)

Alex surprises Shinae with a huge blown-up photo of one of Shinae’s best shots from the wedding shoot – to be used as a blind/curtain. Then they start their carwash – with Shinae initiating the waterfight!! wooo 😛 After their carwash, what is the worst thing that could happen… it rains (and literally pours)!!… there goes the hardwork. But they continue getting closer (squee) by playing go-stop inside the house, and yep… Alex don’t try to test Shinae’s strength ever again (so funny)!

Crown J and Seo in Young:

They prepare food to bring to SIY’s comeback special and have fun drawing eachother on eggs (so alike – esp In Young with the Egg Bowl Cut, haha). Crown J continues preparing and arrives at her stage test while looking on seriously from the side. Then the PD decides to let do an impromptu event by Crown J going onto the Stage to present the Cinderella Shoes to IY – really great!

Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong:

Beautiful yet Tentative (Credits to Steff)

First Kiss: Beautiful yet Tentative (Credits to Steff)

100th Day Wedding Shoot!

Updated: Hyun Joong/Hwang Bo 100th Day Translation Ep 22

Rant: Sorry about the briefness of everything – I just arrived back from a trip last night 😛 so will also be slow with posting the translations – but small announcement that I probably will be doing only the relevant sections of Anbi trans this week (as in: the most interesting sections) due to heavy contraints on time.

Screencaps credits to

– Steff/Rgal from Soompi

– Luv from Soompi

You are all fantastic! hehe.