No one else but you... and of One Mind

Anbi Style: No one else but you... and of One Mind (credit: steff)

For those who requested Clazziquai’s song “I Will Give You Everything“, here is the download link.

PLEASE NOTE: This week I’m only translating the main/more interesting parts of Andy and Solbi, so not everything is translated! I will probably upload the subbed videos of some parts onto my youtube channel. Please also note that I am not taking any more requests this week for subbing/translating – I’m very stretched for time so will try my best with everything I have on my plate. But please check this blog and the lond0nface youtube channel for updates! πŸ™‚

Translation Part 1:

**Opening of the Show, In the studio

Lee Hwi Jae: Solbi, who do you think came first? Out of the male guests.

Solbi: Male guests? Un.. [Looks around]

Kang Soo Jung: Oh! Not looking beside yourself

Andy: hahaha

Solbi: En, Andy

Andy: [smiles]

Park Myung Soo: Ya..

Kang Soo Jung: So impressive

Lee Hwi Jae: What…?

Solbi: No matter how hard I try, I can only find Andy. (*goosebumps*… Anbi mushiness! lol)

**At the Anbi Love Nest (kekeke)

MISSION: To relax after travelling back from the holidays

S: Hurry, do you know when is my birthday?

A: When?

S: My birthday is September 30th, remember?

A: En

S: It’s so coincidental, my mum and my sister’s birthdays are on the same day.

A: Which day?

S: July 8th

A: It’s already passed? Mother-in-law’s birthday was on the 8th, how come you didn’t tell me?

S: It’s not like that, I thought about it, but then at that time I was travelling.

A: Ya, how can you be like that?

-skipped a bit of convo –

A: Firstly, we need to create a surprise for your mum.

S: What surprise? She likes expensive things…

A: Like what?

S: Cars

A: What kind of cars?

S: Vehicle cars

A: We can’t buy vehicle cars

S: My mum also likes jewellery, she was really jealous of our couple rings

A: Orh, really?

S: Isn’t my mum a bit like that? Anyways this meaning is a bit different, so.. (two people simultaneously look at the couple rings hanging)

S: How about couple rings?

A: No

S: Why?

A: Is it a good idea?

S: I think if we give this to my mum, she’ll be very happy.

A: Okay.

** Solbi’s Confession

My mum was really jealous and envious of the couple rings I hanged on the lamp. So I thought of giving the couple rings to her and my dad, since he loves her very much, isn’t it? This is what I thought.

S: I’m calling my mum, and I’ll ask her what she wants to eat.

Solbi’s Ommanim: Hello

S: Hello, where are you?

SOMMA: At home

S: At home doing what?

SOMMA: With you dad, just staying/hanging around like this.

S: Oh, Just hanging around with Dad

SOMMA: Where is your sister?

S: My sister is here, wait a minute Omma.

[Gives phone to Andy]

A: Hello

SOMMA: Hello. It’s An-seobang, what’s been happnening? (lol my trans is a bit aussie, but yeah basically whatever equivalent of ‘what’s up’)

A: I was wondering if we could all have lunch if you have time today?

SOMMA: Anseobang, don’t you have your schedule today?

A: Yeah I don’t have anything on today.

SOMMA: Really? Then let’s all eat together

A: Is there anything in particular you like to eat?

SOMMA: I like everything

A: Like everything?

SOMMA: I also like wines.

A: I’ll see you a bit later then

S: In a little while?

A: Yep

Solbi: What to do, let’s prepare our surprise event, right?

Subbed by: londony @ (please credit)

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