Song of the Day: Precious (寶貝) (in a day) – Deserts Chang ( 张悬) (2006)

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(One of the best/leading alternative Chinese singers on the scene, her songs are gently emotional and her voice is truly pure music. Highly enjoyable and reflective.)

Anyways here is today’s part, yayay!! 🙂

Not a Knot? and tiny tiny Solbi (on the right), cute!

Not a Knot? and tiny tiny Solbi (on the right), cute!

[Update] This week the Anbiholics Subbing Team will be subbing the Andy and Solbi parts for ep 22 — coming soon! (check back for details)

**Wrapping Gifts and Writing Birthday Card

(notice here Solbi grabs Andy’s phone casually – what could this mean…?? *wink*)

S: What time is it?

Andy: No, we still have some time before we have to go

S: Are we all going together? (with the whole family)

A: En. Your sister is coming as well right?

S: Yes, why?

A: How old is your sister, what’s your age difference?

S: She’s much older than me

**In bedroom finishing changing

S: Gimme

Don Don in Studio: (couple clothes) So compatible!

A: Do you know how to tie it?

S: Of course!

DD in Studio: It seems like Solbi will always say she can do it.

S in Studio: But, when you tie it on other people compared to yourself don’t you do it in reverse?

KSJ in Studio: That’s right, that’s right


KSJ: What’s this?

A: See, I knew it

S: I know…

A: Why don’t you finish drinking this first, so wasteful, this is really nutritious!

S: (annoyed) I’ll drink the grape juice now and I’ll finish that later

[Suddenly! ~Door Bell Rings~]

S: Omo

A: You just can’t listen to me properly

S: Appa, Omma, Unni!

S in Studio: My unni also came!

A: Nice to meet you

S: Long time no see! (to Appa)

(Andy is hugged by father-in-law hehe)

S: What did you bring?

Solbi’s Unni: Hurry and take it, my hair is all messy

S: What’s this?

A: Hello

SUNNI: Hello, should I say ‘brother-in-law’?

[Andy extremely nervous]

S: What’s this?

SUNNI: It’s a present from your unni

S: Oppa, this is my unni

A: Hello

SUNNI: I’m very glad to meet you

A: You two look very similar

SUNNI: It’s actually really rare to hear that we look alike..?

S: Isn’t it more funny this way?

[Andy feeling extremely awkward]

** Solbi’s confession

I think Andy oppa can’t handle my sister – I’m pretty tough, but my sister is even tougher than me! So, I really don’t think so

S: Unni, have a look at our house

SUNNI: I should have a look

S: It’s your first time here, Unni come with me, hurry up

** Goes into bedroom

SUNNI: This hanging silk drapery!

S: What do you think?

SUNNI: I completely like it! When I saw this on TV, Anseobang collapsed on the bed

[Andy can hear them]

SUNNI: What’s this?

S: The family photo with Dad and Andy oppa

SUNNI: His looks are not bad, but he’s a bit shorter than I imagined

S: He’s not short!

SOMMA: Solbi ah

S: En?

SOMMA: Last time I saw it when you cooked the steamed pear juice on TV for Anseobang. But it’s not supposed to be cooked that way…? Omma brought some that’s already prepared.

S: Ah, pear juice?


S: Ah, this is pear juice? (lol I think Solbi is still a bit dazed from feeling super happy about Andy meeting the whole family)


S: Oppa don’t you have asthma?

A: Thank you, I will drink/enjoy it well

SOMMA: En, right

A: Thank you

S: Oppa, so there’s no one else but your mother-in-law who cares about her son-in-law more, right?

A: (looks and smiles at Solbi!!) En

SOMMA: Quickly take it out and drink [Hand-prepared by mother-in-law]

[Anseobang receiving loving care]

SUNNI: The couple rings disappeared (the ones on the lamp)?

SOMMA: Why did you lose the couple ring from Oppa at that time?

S: Mum, why are you mentioning this again?

[Mother-in-law is the greatest!]

S: Mum, don’t mention this again

SOMMA: Brother-in-law is really skinny!

S: If you talk like this, don’t you know it’s really annoying?

SUNNI: (to Andy) Could you please sit over here, so we could more closely look at your face?

A: Yes I will be finished soon..

SUNNI: You should do that, Solbi

S: Unni, who do you like the best in Shinhwa?


S: Really?

SUNNI: But I don’t like him anymore,

S: Why?

SUNNI: Because he is married to you

** Andy’s Confession

After what I saw, I really think Solbi and her sister are like twins


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Here is the other version of Precious (in the night) by Deserts Chang for listening and download:

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