Who could the new couple be?

Fill in the blank: Who could the new couple be?

So yes it’s true!

We are temporarily getting a new couple on to the show “We Got Married” for two episodes starting to air on the 14 of September to ‘spice things up’. There will be two part episodes shown on consecutive weeks,  with the concept being temporary for now. How exciting!!! But the PD also said this… :

“The New Couple has a high possibility of becoming a permanent fixture on the show, the production team is currently discussing this carefully.”

PD Kim expressed, “In our quest for the new couple, we have met up with numerous artistes for interviews to assess their suitability. Up till now, we haven’t decided on anyone yet. If we can’t find anyone suitable, we might let Jung Hyung Don and Saori back on the show again after their split earlier.”

When asked if anyone would be exiting the show, PD Kim said, “No. This is just something we planned to complement the Chuseok Festival to choose a new couple. But we haven’t confirmed anything yet. Although the headcount (couples) is still very small, I think we want to continue with this until the end of the year.” In the early days of “We Got Married”, Jung Hyung Don and Saori exited the show after a few episodes. Following which, Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Yeo Jeong came on the show as their replacements but only lasted a few episodes as well. The other four couples have remained a constant.
— From Coolsmurf Domain

For my personal choice in terms of celebs to get on the show, I would love to see Brian Joo (from Fly To the Sky), who was hilarious/cute on all the past xman and loveletter episodes *squee* .. and I’m not sure about which female celeb but hopefully they’ll create a different concept to the four existing couples! Can’t wait!!!

p.s. The date of the special means WGM will at least air until the end of September, and considering the delays from the Olympics plus the special with kids, I’d say it will run at least to the end of October?? *fingers crossed*