What was cut off from Ep 22 for Alex and Shinae:

In the car after carwash (and getting completely soaked)

While cleaning the random things in the car, Alex’s concert poster was found

Shinae joking said, “Who is this?”

Alex said to her, “Come to my concert to play”

Shinae said, “I’ll see~~”

What wasn’t subbed on Andy and Solbi’s “Introducing A Star’s Friend”:

I know someone subbed four parts to this episode, but there was ONE REALLY IMPORTANT PART that wasn’t subbed (I will upload this over the weekend):

Solbi’s Friend – You know one time when Solbi was drunk she asked me to call Andy

Andy – What??? Oh, you called me (and emphasis on me… as if he thought she was exposing the time when he called Solbi, and he looks really wide-eyed at this point)

Solbi – !!!!… What… Why are you saying this???

Solbi’s Friend – Since I didn’t have his number, she got really really angry

Andy – Oh that time during the early morning?? (omomo he remembers!!??)

Solbi and Friend – Yeah..

Some previously unreleased photos of Andy and Solbi at WonderWorld:

Ansol Mushiness Off The Screen!

Ansol Mushiness Off The Screen!