Song: I Love You – Navi ft. Tablo (2007)

Tomboy Solbi and a very happy Anseobang

Tomboy Solbi and a very happy Anseobang

I’ve subbed 99.9% of the last part since it’s really significant for Anbi!

Keys: *location*, (personal notes), [captions on screen]

** Whole family looking at Solbi’s Photos

SOMMA: This is from when Solbi was young

Andy: Really?

[Brought Solbi’s Photo Album]

[What did Solbi look like when she was young…?]

S: [Inspection First] Let me have a look first (aigoo her omma looks so happy/proud!)

SOMMA: This was during her 100th baby day

A: 100th baby day?

[When mother-in-law called Solbi a monster]

S: Did I really look like a monster?

SOMMA: I nearly went crazy then

SUNNI: [reveals] No, but at least now you see a successful result

[Unni, really…!!]

SOMMA: Cute right?

A: Yeah

SUNNI: Your pride has really taken a huge hit

S: Are you really disappointed, oppa?

A: No, no

SOMMA: Kindergarten time?

** Photos Captions: [Solbi’s Unni, and Solbi]

KSJ: This, this

S: Was I cute or not then?

[A very chubby Solbi from when she was small]


A: The photos don’t really reflect on you well, the real person looks better

S: No way, this.. no way!

SOMMA: [What photo is this…?] Let him have a look!

S: Annoying.. why did you bring this here?

A: Ah I’m so curious

S: No way, no way

[Solbi’s Extreme Barrier]

SOMMA: So what about your student period?

S: Ah don’t…

Solbi’s Appa: Ah it’s alright

S: No this will be leaked onto the internet..!


S: Don’t, ah wait a minute

A: What’s wrong?

Photo Caption: Baby Fat Middle-School Student Solbi (note: surrounded by a lot of guys… tomboy solbi? haha)

S in Studio: I said not to show this

Photo Caption: The Trendy High School Student Solbi

KSJ: So pretty

[After looking at the photo album..]

S: Unni, did you watch “WGM”?

SUNNI: I watch it everytime

S: In Thailand?


S: What do you think? Which couple is the most interesting?

SUNNI: The most interesting ones are.. [you] (both said and captioned)

S: Which guy do you like the most?

SUNNI: Out of the four, I like Andy the best

[SOMMA: Andy is of course the best!]

S: Omma didn’t you say Alex was the best?

[Mother-in-law was a crazy fan of Alex]

SUNNI: He is still mum’s ideal type.

SOMMA: Even though he is my ideal type, after watching him everyday he is only just like that (meaning: that’s all Alex could be… lol poor Alex)

[Why the sudden change of heart..?]

S: Why so suddenly..?

SOMMA: Because Anseobang is the best!

S: [suspicious] Are you like this because dad is here?

Circled Caption: Secret Sign of Bingo!

SOMMA: [truthful] Because your dad was angry last time, he didn’t speak to me for a month!

Andy: [Aihaha]

SOMMA: He really didn’t speak to me

So Omma is alright, Omma thinks Anseobang is the best [Again for emphasis]

S: But Omma, Omma still likes Alex right?

SOMMA: [frustrated] Don’t always mention this in front of your dad!

S: Who does Appa like?

[The truthful feelings of the curious father-in-law]

SAPPA: Even though my daughter is there, it’s not saying you didn’t perform good. But who was that person in there..? [That…] Alex washed the feet for..

SOMMA: The one Alex washed the feet for

[In the end, Shin Ae…]

SUNNI: Both of you like the Alshin couple,

S: This is so funny. He said that Shin Ae unni is better!

SOMMA: No I’m alright

SUNNI: I think she’ll say that if she meets Alex

[Gradually starting to organise seats]

S: Omma let’s go out, today is really hot right? We’ll prepare to go out first then we’ll leave.

[Solbi is already changed but still needs to prepare]

SUNNI: Hang on, aren’t you already wearing outfits for going out?

S: No, I need to put make-up on first

[What kind of mischief are they up to…?]

S: Should I call Alex Oppa Here?

Because Appa was there so I didn’t say anything

Won’t mum be really happy, right?

A: Really?

S: En, let’s try to call him

A: Do you know his phone number?

S: I know

A: [jealous] How come you know it since I don’t even know it?

Alex: Hello?

S: Hello, oppa! [Can Omma Meet Alex?] Today is my mum’s birthday, can we please meet you if you’re not busy?

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