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The Happy Couple and Andy's Surprise Event

The Happy Couple and Andy's Surprise Event

[On this side.. Korean-Chinese Restaurant]

S: Omma Happy Birthday, For Omma’s Birthday [Celebrating a belated birthday] Cheers!

A: Be healthy

SOMMA: Thank you

SUNNI: Please live well~

[Andy: Respectful] [Solbi: Ke…]

S: This really tastes nice

SUNNI: It’s like this, Appa ah, [brought newspaper article cut-outs for both of you] (note: both spoken and captioned)

He also got articles from our neighbours

[Profound love and care from the silent father-in-law]

Andy on this side, Solbi on that side

He has collected every single news article

A: [honestly] Thank you very much!

S: Also, omma was the one who told me about the success of Oppa’s musical “Polaroid”

[On this side, Mother-in-law who familiarises herself with Anseobang’s News]

To be honest, dad and mum told me so I knew

[Just become Solbi Family’s Anseobang already!!]

Andy: Didn’t you ever think to care about me a little bit more?

(omo omo omo I think he’s actually sincere here…!!!)

SUNNI: She only cares about the bobos!

A: Please excuse me a moment

[Suddenly leaves seat]

[Where is he planning on going…?]

[This side…]

SOMMA: Are there many Kor-Chi restaurants in Thailand?

S: What did you think?

SUNNI: [Unni] Looks very handsome!

It would be better if he was a little taller

MC: Why? How?

S in Studio: But his figure fits clothes well (haha Solbi’s unique way of sticking up for Andy)

S: Dad what did you think?

SAPPA: [blunt] Looks like a real man, not bad

S: Not too bad?


[The In-Laws who thinks highly of Andy]

SUNNI: Do you feel good after getting married?

S: There are good points and there are bad points

[Over here, Andy has went outside]

[Coincidentally it rains at this time]

[Where is he running off to?]

[Pizza Shop?]

[Coffee Shop?]

A: They don’t sell cake, oh no

[Ahh! He’s trying to buy a birthday cake]

KSJ: So kind

[At the same time]

S: Oppa has a lot of weaknesses, if I think about it,

SUNNI: No, he doesn’t have any

[Solbi who is talking about Andy’s disadvantages]

S: From another perspective, he’s too meticulous

SOMMA: But isn’t that good?

SUNNI: But isn’t that really good since you’re really clumsy?

[But, complements all-round]

S: Really? But he blabs on too much

SUNNI: Very compatible! You look really comfortable together…

To be honest, I feel jealous…

S: Really?

But, he’s really a blabber mouth!

[But again mentions Andy’s weaknesses]

Sometimes it’s really annoying

SUNNI: But isn’t that very cute?

SOMMA: [protects] But isn’t he like that for your sake?

SUNNI: [Also] [Difficult] You are not exactly trust-worthy…

SOMMA: What things do you know?

S: [suddenly] Please view it from my perspective! Appa… [Feels a bit disappointed]

SAPPA: What?

That’s right. We should listen to Solbi

[Dad spoiling her daughter]

S: Appa is the best

[Over here, walking a long time in the rain]

KSJ: Where are you going?

S in Studio: Omo, really walked a long time

A: [Finally discovered] Oh found it!

[What kind of cake to get for mother-in-law?]

[careful] What kind of cakes do elders like?

Shop Assistant: Then buy the sweet potato cake

[Chose the sweet potato cake]

Please give me the sweet potato cake

[And.. age…]

Please give me many candles

[Finished buying cake]

[The sky is already a bit dark]

A in Studio: It really hurt

[Over here…]

S: Omma, Didn’t I help to plan your birthday?

SOMMA: Thanks

S: This time it was really Oppa who thought of this

SOMMA/SUNNI: Really? [Aigoo… Our Anseobang..]

S: He’s really giving

[Andy finally arrives despite hardwork]

[Starts to prepare the cake for mother-in-law]

S: Omma, are you wearing the rings from appa? Are you?

[Secretly confirming if wearing couple rings]

SOMMA: Do you think everyone’s like you? We’ve been married for 30 years. Where did you lose that ring?

S: Why are you mentioning this again?

Aren’t I wearing it?

[Anyways, it wasn’t worn at first..]

SOMMA: Carefully take care of it

S: Pretty right? Are you jealous Omma?


[Confirming thoughts of wanting a couple ring]

[Over here…]

[Placing Candles..]

[Dear mother-in-law..]

[Mother in-law who still has no clue]

[What kind of reaction will she have?]

[Finished preparing cake!]

[Happy birthday to you…!!]

SOMMA: Ah, what’s this?

[Mother-in-law shocked]

[Happy birthday to you, dear mother-in-law..!! Happy birthday ** this is sang]

[Happy birthday, mother-in-law]


** Solbi’s Mother’s Confession

[Unexpected Huge Reaction!]

Really very unexpected, I didn’t even think about it. But I’m really thankful to Anseobang for preparing such an event

[Very thankful]

[Very touched]

I feel really lucky

[There are still many real days of happiness left]

Translated by: londony @ londonface.wordpress.com (please credit)