In regards to changes to the blog,

1. I will be subbing all the previews for WGM for sure, the new one for Ep 23 is uploaded on my Youtube channel here: WGM Ep 23 Preview [Eng Sub] – in High Quality

If you find this video uploaded anywhere else, it’s been stolen. (I’m taking a tougher stance on this)

2. All the requested songs will now be uploaded in the side bar – file folder. So for those who requested yesterday’s song: Navi ft. Tablo – I Love You, you will find it there! To download, simply click on the arrow on that song! (If you can’t access this, please tell me and I’ll fix the problem) If you are using NoScript in Firefox – please enable

I’ve also uploaded some of Deserts Chang’s other songs due the popularity from posting her song of the day! Please check my folder often for more songs of the day!